It’s A Wrap: Cajun Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

by Maris Callahan on June 14, 2011

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Gillian Nadel, a self-proclaimed foodie living and working in New York City. By day, Gillian works for an entertainment magazine, but spends most of her free time thinking about what or where she’ll eat next. A wise woman once told her that if you like to eat you have to learn to cook (or marry well). She’s still working on both….

Temperatures outside are rising which makes standing by a hot oven sound anything but appetizing. In fact, it’s practically a rule in our apartment that I don’t turn on the oven when it’s over 80 degrees! Without access to a grill, cooking a hearty dinner in the summer can become quite the challenge. And whipping something up at the end of a long work-day: who has the time? But alas, it’s finally beach season and I can’t complain, so time to retire the oven mitts and get creative.

I’ve been on a seafood kick and lately I’m craving shrimp. Because I love all spicy foods, I paired a Cajun shrimp with crisp and cooling ingredients in a meal the requires minimal cooking. On the menu: Cajun spiced shrimp lettuce wraps with jicama, avocado and a pineapple relish.

What’s jicama? If you think I am speaking another language. well,  jicama is a root vegetable, a distant cousin to the yam. It’s exterior is yellow and feels papery, with a creamy white inside and a texture that resembles a raw potato or an unripe pear. Jicama has a sweet, starchy flavor that can be eaten raw or cooked in soups, salads and stir-fry.

Cajun Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

What You Need:

16-20 Cleaned and deveined, uncooked shrimp
Cajun seasoning
1/4 Cup Olive oil
1/2 head Iceberg or Boston lettuce, leaves removed and kept whole
3/4 cup Jicama, cut into matchsticks
1 cup Pineapple, cut into chunks
1 Jalapeno, cleaned and chopped (deseeded, if desired, for less heat)
1 teaspoon Agave nectar
2 teaspoons Lime juice
1/2 Avocado, sliced
Hot sauce, to taste


For the shrimp: Season shrimp generously with Cajun seasoning. Heat oil in a medium skillet. Place seasoned shrimp in oil and cook 3-5 minutes until shrimp become pink. Remove tails from shrimp and let come to room temperature.

For the Pineapple Salsa: In a food processor, combine pineapple and jalapeno. Season with lime juice and agave nectar to taste.

Assemble: Place shrimp, jicama, avocado slices and pineapple relish on lettuce. Drizzle with hot sauce for added heat!

While the lettuce offers a diet-friendly version, this meal can easily be made in a corn tortilla or your favorite wrap. Lettuce wraps are a quick and easy summer meal. What else will you wrap this summer? Let us know!

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Shari @ Chicago Cuisine Critique June 14, 2011 at 12:08 pm

This looks great!


Wendy June 14, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Great idea!


Juliana June 14, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Maris, this wrap looks delicious, love the cajun spice. So yummie! Have a great week :-)


Daryl June 14, 2011 at 1:15 pm

This looks like the perfect salad for those hot summer days!


Erica June 14, 2011 at 1:24 pm

What a great recipe! I love all of these ingredients- especially jicama! This would pair nicely with some jicama fries (if its below 80 and you can turn on the oven ;) )


Angie@Angiesrecipes June 14, 2011 at 1:40 pm

Love all the ingredients used in this wrap! Looks so tempting!


Sandra Reid June 14, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Wow – Gillian!! I am so inspired. I have a bag of organic frozen shrimp from Whole foods that this recipe would be perfect for – Thanks for sharing!!


Beth Warren June 15, 2011 at 1:24 pm

This looks delicious…a great start to a meal..all it needs is crisp glass of white wine!


Emma June 14, 2011 at 2:37 pm

This sounds delicious! Knowing myself, I would probably add about a 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, and through it all onto a freshly deep-fried tortilla. Gotta get some extra calories where I can:)


Greg June 14, 2011 at 3:15 pm

Great recipe. I always think grill and forget stovetop when it’s hot. Those shrimp look wonderful


Maria @ Scandifoodie June 14, 2011 at 3:31 pm

This sounds so tasty! Love the flavours!


Gen June 14, 2011 at 3:51 pm

Oh yum!!! This combines some of my all-time favorite flavors!!! Great recipe! :D


Caroline June 14, 2011 at 4:13 pm

What a great guest post, this looks fabulous and healthy!


Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen June 14, 2011 at 4:26 pm

That looks delicious, fresh, and easy….perfect for summer. :)


Tar June 14, 2011 at 4:44 pm

I’ve always wanted to try jicama! Well, I’ve tried it, but I mean cook with it. I’ve also been really into lettuce wraps lately so I should try using it that way like you did. Looks fabulous!


Kelly June 14, 2011 at 5:44 pm

I love lettuce wraps. I really need to make them more often since they are so crisp and clean and perfect for hot weather.


Sophia June 14, 2011 at 5:58 pm

It kind of reminds me of Vietnamese summer wraps. How clean and refreshing! I love the crunch of jicama in there.


Vanessa June 14, 2011 at 6:51 pm

Sadly me and shrimp are not friends but I think this would work very well with chicken too!! Sounds yummy!


bob nadel June 14, 2011 at 6:52 pm

Gillian Nadel sounds like a super winner as a cook.
Who wants to be in the kitchen during the summer…not me. I lkie that she can suggest a good meal made of healthy things that’s cool and “cool.”

Good for you Gillian

Bob N.


Amy June 14, 2011 at 7:08 pm

I love lettuce wraps…who needs a tortilla ;) ! These sound wonderful…as I sit here not yet having dinner your photos are making me very hungry! Cajun shrimp would be delicious and combine it with the avocado…even better!


Nelly Rodriguez June 14, 2011 at 7:29 pm

Yum! Although not the biggest shrimp fan, I can see myself making this with any other seafood! Love the no oven after 80F rule!


rebecca June 14, 2011 at 7:44 pm

this looks great your getting some fun guest posts Maris and you so need an ipad to test your future app on!


tricia June 14, 2011 at 8:13 pm



sweetlife June 14, 2011 at 8:37 pm

great guest post! I love shrimp and the high temps call for cool food! Thanks



polwig June 14, 2011 at 8:49 pm

These look so refreshing and fun… over 80 and only bbq… I think I would starve waiting for my hubby to fire it up.


yummychunklet June 14, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Great recipe! I love making lettuce wraps. They’re so filling yet no pesky carbs with the tortillas.


Rachel June 14, 2011 at 9:20 pm

This looks yummy! Cant wait to try it and make it.


mandy June 14, 2011 at 10:34 pm

The flavors in this sound great.


The Tame Lion June 15, 2011 at 4:02 am

Wow! Wow! A big YEAH indeed!


The Harried Cook June 15, 2011 at 4:07 am

Wow.. This one’s right up my alley. I could eat a ton of these… Well, not a ton, but a LOT! Yummy recipe with some fabulous flavors, Maris! Thank you for sharing :)


Sherilyn June 15, 2011 at 4:44 am

Perfect for summer! So refreshing and light.


Blond Duck June 15, 2011 at 5:32 am

I love it! Would tilapia or cod be ok instead of shrimp?


Alexis @ There She Goes June 15, 2011 at 6:12 am

this looks perfect for the summer!


Joanne June 15, 2011 at 6:16 am

As someone who lives in a tiny NYC apartment as well, I can attest to the fact that if one wants to survive, one CAN’T turn on the oven! I love these shrimp! They definitely give off the flavors of summer!


Kitchen Belleicious June 15, 2011 at 6:34 am

I think my husband just feel in love with you! I am sitting in the kitchen looking at your blog and he is getting ready for work and stop to see that picture of the shrimp wraps and the word cajun. I think he just feel in love with you- seriously! LOL! Those look insanely PERFECT! Trying them SOOON!


Rosa June 15, 2011 at 7:00 am

Oh, yummy! Those fresh and delicious wraps are perfect when it is hot outside.




Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum June 15, 2011 at 7:22 am

Cute blog! And these look delicious! I looooove shrimp.


alyssa - fashion fitness foodie June 15, 2011 at 8:29 am

OMG…perfect summer meal :)


Candace June 15, 2011 at 8:42 am

I kept seeing your comments on some of the blogs that I follow so I decided to hop over and take a look at your website. I’m so happy that I did. I’m now your newest follower. These Cajun Shrimp Lettuce Wraps are such a great idea! They look absolutely delicious and perfect for summer! Thanks!


Mary June 15, 2011 at 9:47 am

What a lovely guest post. The wraps look delicious and I love the spirit of the writer. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary


Audrey Ellen @ My Scene and Herd June 15, 2011 at 12:16 pm

I had some asian chicken wrap like this as an appetizer once, and have thought about it many times since. Yours look great and perfect for summer nights.


Geni June 15, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Oh, this shrimp wrap looks amazing and perfect for warmer weather. Would love a mango margarita with that please!


Olga @ mangotomato June 15, 2011 at 3:07 pm

Growing up, my parents would make a salad with grated carrots and jicama. not sure why it’s such an underused vegetable in the US.


Green Groats June 15, 2011 at 4:56 pm

What incredible flavors! LOVE IT!

I love lettuce wraps. I need to make them more often. I also like tofu scramble with other veggies in lettuce or cabbage wraps!


Tanvi@SinfullySpicy June 15, 2011 at 5:11 pm

I love jicama & pineapple combo.These lettuce wraps look great! I love both shrimp & cajun flavors.Perfect for summer lunch.


Carolyn June 15, 2011 at 7:58 pm

I keep forgetting about lettuce wraps as a dinner option (with the added bonus that for me, they are low carb!). This is a fantastic recipe, thanks for the guest post!


Nami @ Just One Cookbook June 15, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Oh this is such a great idea for warm night dinner. I love lettuce wraps. In my house I cook teriyaki chicken and wrap with some veggie sticks. I will need to try your version. With the spice, definitely it’s summer food!


Lisa June 16, 2011 at 3:13 am, I want one of these wraps badly. Cajun shrimp in lettuce wraps is dinner tonight..if the shrimp looks good at the market. Bookmarking too :)


Barbara June 16, 2011 at 5:38 am

Nice guest post, Maris. I do love those Cajun flavors!


Blond Duck June 16, 2011 at 6:09 am

Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up this weekend!


Beth @ DiningAndDishing June 16, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Looks awesome! Couldn’t agree with the “A wise woman once told her that if you like to eat you have to learn to cook (or marry well).” quote more. It’s certainly the reason I learned!


Lucy@The Sweet Touch June 16, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Ohh, can’t wait to try these, I have never cooked shrimp before!


Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets June 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Mmm I love shrimp and I bet the heat of the spices are so great against the crisp lettuce =)


lisa @ smart food and fit June 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Wow, what a great guest post! This is perfect for the summer hot nights when you want to cut back on the heavy carbs!


Alana D June 17, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Soo refreshing & appropriate.


Eve June 18, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Can’t wait to try this! Looks delicious!


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