Tasty Vegan Waffle Recipe (Gluten-Free as Well)

It’s become quite the common fallacy that vegans are doomed to eating food which tastes like cardboard as a result of the food they eat associated with some of the healthiest you’d find anywhere, so I guess we’re making quite a bold statement here by using “tasty” to describe a healthy vegan dish – a healthy vegan recipe which is gluten-free at that, for good measure! But yeah, that’s exactly what this vegan waffle recipe is – super delicious and healthy at the same time and it’s super easy to prepare.


Water (2 cups)

Cornmeal or Millet (1/4 cup)

Gluten-free oats (1 cup)

Flax meal (1/4 cup)

Salt (1/2 teaspoon)

Walnuts or whole pecans, or a mixture of both (1/3 cup)

Apple (1/4)

*optional sesame seeds


Cooking instructions

The use of a whisk, whether electronic or mechanical, along with a traditional mixing bowl is not mandatory with this recipe since the order in which the ingredients are mixed in really isn’t that important (you don’t first have to mix the dry ingredients and then mix in the wet ingredients). You’d only really be mixing this way if you don’t have a high-speed blender, otherwise a high-speed blender works best.

Mix all the ingredients in your high-speed blender until the batter is smooth.

Next, heat up your waffle maker as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There are some great ones at: www.expondo.co.uk. Some of the newest waffle makers on sale today have built-in non-stick properties, otherwise if yours is an older make and model and you perhaps want to keep the waffles you’re making that much healthier by not having to add any oil, add a sprinkling of sesame seeds to the bottom of the waffle iron prior to pouring in the smooth batter.

Next, pour in your batter and then add another sprinkling of sesame seeds onto the batter prior to pulling down the waffle iron lid.

Next, bake the waffle as per the cooking instructions provided by the manufacturer. Either way, chances are you’ll have to let this particular batter mix cook for no less than six minutes, but that does of course depend on how hot your waffle maker gets. In some instances this particular type of mix may even need 8-10 minutes of cooking time, so your discretion will most definitely be required. Cooking for a bit longer than usual is particularly important with this mix as a result of the flax and oats forming part of the ingredients list, of which cooking longer will prevent the waffles from coming out soggy.

Next, serve and enjoy, but a fruit sauce will complete the dish, making it extra delicious without taking any of its healthiness away. Put your ready waffles on a low-heat oven rack if you’re not going to be eating them up immediately, as merely putting them on a plate would give the moisture contained in the waffles a chance to escape, which would lead to that sogginess I referred to.

Overall prep time is a little longer than the usual 20 minutes it takes to prepare traditional waffles, otherwise with these oats based waffles you’ll perhaps not take that much more than 25 minutes.

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Kelly Tate

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