The difference between human and doggy diets

Many of us consider our pets to be members of the family, which sometimes makes it easy to forget that they have different dietary needs as compared to humans. You need to remember that the digestive system and metabolism of the dogs is very different and needs to be looked after.

The difference between human and dog diets include:

Protein and amino acid requirements are very different for dogs and humans. Humans require 8 essential amino acids while dogs require 9 and puppies need 10. The diet of dogs is based on their requirement of acids in the body.

Vitamin C is essential for human body and it is a must have in diet. It is not considered suitable for dogs since Vitamin C is formed in the liver of the dog.

If humans consume excessive meat or fat in their diet, their cholesterol might rise. However, the cholesterol levels in a dog can be abnormally elevated; they need a mean high in saturated fats.

Dogs need to consume meat in their diet in order to maintain the best of health. Humans can eat a vegetarian diet and maintain their health.

Dogs cannot handle as much cereal as humans can. This is because humans and dogs differ in the amount of enzymes they make which are required to break down carbohydrates. Dogs have fewer enzymes to break down carbohydrates that humans do.

Dogs also cannot handle large amount of fiber, while humans can. If dogs intake excessive fiber, it could lead to constipation, poor visual appearance, excessive stool output and decreased nutrient digestion. Devoted Pet Foods offers the best diet for cats and dogs with nutrients that are essential for healthy and happy living.

Dog’s milk contains different nutrients than the milk consumed by humans.

Dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive as compared to humans, which is why dogs are less likely to eat spoilt food.

New born pup requires more copper and iron than a human infant does.

Chocolates can have a negative impact on dogs, while humans thoroughly enjoy consumption of chocolates in excessive amount.

Nutritionists mention that human diet should not contain more than 15% protein. The requirement of proteins in dog food depends on the amount of fat, amino acids and other nutrients present in the food. However, a minimum of 18% protein is safe for adults. The dog’s nutrition is based on the intake of main ingredients which include protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Thus, it can be noted that although we consider dogs to be a part of the family, they should not be fed everything we consume. In order to maintain optimum health of the dogs, it is important to feed them the right dog food which has the required amount of nutrients. Devoted Pet Foods is highly preferred by dog owners due to the high quality of the food. It offers natural, grain free pet food which allows the dogs to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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