6 Incredible Lockdown Gift Ideas to Deliver to Your Doorstep

A global pandemic that has most of the world under lockdown can put a damper on things. Being stuck at home, especially on special occasions, can make the situation feel worse than it is. However, the right gift can make all the difference. With online delivery services, you only have to pick a product and wait for it at your doorstep. You can also have gifts delivered to loved ones to let them know someone is thinking about them. Below are some ideas for amazing gifts.


An interesting read can provide the escape during the lockdown. Whether you love adventures or romance, books are great alternatives when looking to break the monotony of a daily routine. Many people are spending their free time online, and books are an excellent way to reduce screen time. You can subscribe to a service and have a certain number of books delivered weekly or monthly.


As obvious as they might seem, flowers are perfect gifts. For one, they are timeless. You also have a lot to work with thanks to the numerous types. A lovely flower arrangement can brighten up even the dullest room. Do you know a friend who spends too much time at their desk? A bouquet can add character to their space. You have various online florists to choose from that guarantee fast delivery to preserve freshness.

Personalised Cards

A simple card can be the highlight of someone’s day. Sending a personalised postcard to a loved one is an inexpensive way to remind them that you are thinking of them. You can customise a card with photos, inspirational quotes or personal messages. Depending on where you get them, personalised postcards are available in various styles. They are also suitable for all ages, so you can get a card for anyone.

Gourmet Brownies

Are you looking to deliver a sweet surprise? If so, try brownies. Indulgent snacks are a big part of surviving the lockdown. Some delicious gourmet brownies could easily make snack time a favourite part of the day. Bad Brownies has truly mouth-watering options. including the red velvet strawberry prosecco brownie. Gluten-free and vegan brownies are also available.


With people spending less time at cafes, home-brewed tea is steadily becoming a favourite. Just because you can buy your beloved green tea from the local cafe doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. Order tea online and enjoy a hot cuppa whenever you crave it. You can also send a tea-making kit to a friend who needs to know how to brew one. Alternatively, you can subscribe to have ready-made tea delivered to your home.

Gift Vouchers

Are you unsure about the right present to send? How about buying a gift card? A voucher allows you to show affection while giving the recipient autonomy over the choice of gift. You can get gift cards for anything from spa treatments to art classes to groceries. Vouchers are available for different budgets, which is another reason to consider them.

Kelly Tate