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With two children under the age of five, I feel like I was really thrust into the role of ‘mum’.

I was a child of two and still to this day, have an extremely supportive family around me. I took my parents, aunties and grandparents for granted when I was younger and only when you start your own family do you realise how important a support system is.

However, not everyone is so lucky and some find themselves entering motherhood completely alone with no one to guide them. Of course, this isn’t impossible but it can make some situations seem a little more daunting.

Here at In Good Taste, we are a community of mothers, fathers, nanny’s and grandparents who all have some advice to share. Whether you’re a mother of four or a single mum with a teething tot – we come together no matter what time of day or night to help and empower each other.

I don’t know it all, and I am very fortunate to have my own mother down the road and a nanny who helps out five days a week. This isn’t situation for everyone but I do pride myself of being a stay at home mum and over the years I have learnt a thing or two.

You’re Doing Fine

This is something I still have to remind myself of! Self-doubt is the biggest cause for uncertainty and stress and you just have to remember that you’ve come this far, you are a strong mother and everything will be ok.

Don’t Worry

As mothers, we tend to worry about the smallest of things. My own mother tells me this will never leave me and she still worries about me.

You just have to embrace it and pull yourself back and think rationally, this is harder when your baby is still growing up and learning new things but don’t mollycoddle your baby for the sake of your worry.  Let them go out, let them try new foods and give them the best experiences they could ever wish for – worry will only hinder this.

Put Food First

Supermarket food, prepacked baby food and even formula milk is full of e numbers, chemicals and general nastiness. Our babies are the purest of pure so why should we fill their bodies with such things?

I do admit, I’ve become a bit of an obsessive mum and find myself reading the back of packets on anything new I buy for the girls. Initially, this will take up time but as you get to know brands, you start to remember what’s good and what’s bad. Try to also source all of your fresh ingredients from a local market or opt for organic produce. Fish, meat, fruit and vegetables although shouldn’t come with any nastiness are often showered in chemicals and fed unnatural things before they arrive in the supermarket so to keep your family eating clean – opt for this if you can.

In Good Taste

Enjoy Motherhood

Have you ever noticed that older people always say, “where has the time gone”, “you’ve grown up so quickly” and “I remember when you were a baby”.

Time flies and they’re not lying.

Cherish every moment you have as a mother, finish work early, get up on Saturdays, go for walks and experience new things together. Motherhood is the biggest blessing in the world so cherish it before they become moody teenagers, moving away for university and starting their own families.

If you’re ever feeling down, like you’re struggling or you need a bit of pep talk, come to In Good Taste and you’ll be met with a community of others just like you who will give you the support and guidance you need to get you through the day, hour or week!