There is no doubt that being married is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Being committed to someone and knowing that you both vow to spend the rest of your lives loving each other, making sacrifices and being by each other’s side is something truly special.

Many people search their whole lives to find their soulmate, someone they can confide in, build a family and treasure forever so if you have found your one, then cherish them!

However, make no mistake – marriage changes when you have children.

This is just a natural process and it can just take a little bit of adjusting to but don’t fret, as long as you both understand things will change and you’re willing to not neglect your relationship – everything will be fine.

I’ve known Christopher for 8 years now and we’ve been married for the majority of that and since having children, we have had to learn to adapt to our new family situation. I don’t claim to know it all but I have learnt some things in the past which I want to share with you which I have found are important to keeping my marriage healthy and happy.

Don’t Lose the Spark

The late nights, early mornings and smelly nappies are enough to make any couple forget their love and lose a little bit of the spark they loved so much when they first met.

From kisses goodbye in the morning to cuddles at the kitchen table and asking how their day was are all so easily forgotten in the madness of raising children, but vitally important to keeping your marriage strong.

Be spontaneous, be lovey-dovey and don’t forget the reason you fell in love.

Take Nothing for Granted

Is your hubby on the early morning baby shift for 7 days in a row because you’re exhausted, is he missing his best friend’s birthday so you can have a bath and read your book or is he working non-stop so he can provide for his family.

Life becomes mundane and full of normality so quickly but take a step back and look at what he is doing for you, how he is going out of his way to help and what would you do without him! Yes, many argue that he should be doing all of those things but saying thank you and appreciating him costs nothing.

In Good Taste - Marriage

Make Time for Each Other

From going out for a meal (just the two of you) to strolling in the park, going on holiday or heading to the cinema to see your favourite film, make the time!

Marriage is all about never forgetting why you fell in love and going the extra mile for your other half. Making this time to talk, treating them and just spending some quality time together away from the kids can do you the world of good.

Take Time for You

Your children and partner come first, no doubt about it but when was the last time you took time out for yourself.

From heading to the spa with your girlfriends to going for afternoon tea with your mum or simply heading into town for a little shopping spree on your own, you need to make time for yourself.

Parenting and marriage is no easy feat and sometimes you just need to refresh, give yourself a time out and recharge those batteries.

In Good Taste - Marriage

No one ever says that marriage is easy but to make it work, you have to work!

Children sure do change the equation but should do for the better so working hard to keep your marriage strong is just a part of vows.

Do you have any times for keeping a marriage healthy? Let me know by getting in touch!