Things we Love

We are the Tate’s, and there are many things we love!

It is so important to spend quality time with your family and I don’t just mean the time you spend together in the car or at home. I’m talking about designated time to really talk to each other, teach your children things and enjoy your time away from work, phones and other distractions.

They say the best things in life are free and time spent with your family certainly is one of them. This time doesn’t have to be costly, you don’t have to go for extravagant road trips or head to theme parks, just mix it up a bit and see what your budget allows but the best fun is always had when you have to get creative.

Discover some of my family’s best days out and fun things to do;

Take the Dog to the Beach

There is nothing better than strolling along the beach on a beautiful summers day with the dog splashing about in the sea.

These long walks can sometimes last for hours and are a great opportunity to have some fun, watch the kids play in the sand and catch up with your other half.

If you don’t have a dog or a beach, then any long walk is enjoyable!

In Good Taste - Things we Love

Go Bowling

Bowling and the arcades are the girls favourite Saturday activity at the minute and it is fun.

This family activity is energetic and competitive which is always funny to see and although it does cost, it isn’t expensive (you can usually get a game for £10) and is a little treat for the girls, especially if the weather is bad.

Fly a Kite

So many of my childhood memories are of my father and brothers trying to fly a kite in our local park on a Sunday afternoon and those fond memories have stuck with me.

Again, this low-cost activity is fun for all of the family and encourages bonding as well as skills.

Go on a Family Bike Ride

There are so many places to explore on bikes, from your local country parks to further afield and even biking holidays, there is nothing more enjoyable than heading out on a wonderful family ride in the sunshine.

You can either hire bikes including tandems or if you’re a regular cycling family it may be worth considering investing in some bikes for all of the family.

Enjoy a Picnic

I love family picnics at the park or beach, make up some favourite sandwiches, grab some snacks and maybe a bottle of wine or beers for the parents and enjoy some quality time together. Take some games for the children, the kite even or a bat and ball which is guaranteed to keep you all entertained for hours on end.

In Good Taste - Things we Love

There are so many activates and trips you can take with the family which are really fun and inexpensive. What are you favourite activities with the children? Let me know by getting in touch today, I’d love to hear from you.