Family Life

Family Life is something which is different for everyone but we all have similar experiences which we can share, have common ground with and relate to.

Family life for me, as you may know, hit me like a ton of bricks, I wasn’t expecting to meet my now husband Christopher, I wasn’t expecting to get married and I wasn’t expecting to have to children. Although it wasn’t expected, I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

Before I met Chris, I was a forever-single girl with no care in the world and no desire to start my own family. But of course, this all changed when Chris waltzed into my life like something from a movie.

Family life for me is quite different to what others experience, mainly because I have more help than others do.

I am a stay at home mum, with the profession of a blogger taking up my spare time and I have the help of a nanny. My husband works full time and I have close friends and family all within a relatively close proximity. My family life if pure bliss, I get to stay at home with the girls every day, see them grow up, help them make dolls houses and teach them how to walk, talk and be happy.

I understand that my family life is a little different to many mothers who maybe work a full-time job, have no additional help and are struggling to make time for themselves within all of this.

In Good Taste - Family

A big benefit of being a stay-at-home mother is that I am able to cook delicious, fresh, healthy meals for the family. I was never much of a cook during university, or even when I moved out of my parents at the age of 21. My mother hoped that being forced to cook for myself would help to improve my skills within the kitchen, but it didn’t and I lived on frozen pizza, instant noodles and crisps for six years.

Nowadays, I spend my afternoons in front of the stove, experimenting with different flavours, dishes and testing them on my unsuspecting children ready for dad’s return at 7 pm.

Family life undoubtedly changes everyone and everything. From how you think to your hobbies and food choice, having children changes your mindset and essentially how you live.

My relationship with my parents has become stronger, as well as my sister and my circle of friends has grown smaller. Family life busy, it’s exciting and it’s nothing you can prepare yourself for.

Everyone’s experience of family life is different, from the way we choose to raise our children, what we feed them and how we teach them the ways of the world.

The important thing is that we support each other in our pursuit to be the best mothers, fathers, grandparents and nanny’s we can be.

I don’t claim to be the perfect mother, but In Good Taste is a place for family members to come together to share their tips, advice and experiences with others who need a helping hand.