As a new blogger, it’s taken a little getting used to being asked personal questions and practical strangers taking an interest in my mundane life.

It’s been a couple of years now and I still find it funny when people ask for my advice, want to talk about my family life and ask how the girls are doing, but I am starting to get used to it and to save you from asking me a million and one questions, I’ve decided to put them all in one handy place.

From my favourite foods to how I calm the kids, I hope you’ll be able to discover a little more about me and my family life.

What is Your Ultimate Go to Family Meal in a Hurry?

If I’m ever in a rush, the girls need to be somewhere or we’re all heading out but need to eat my go-to is fresh pesto pasta with green leaf salad.

I literally throw all of the pesto ingredients into the blender, give it a quick whiz and cook the pasta. I try to only feed the girls brown pasta as it’s more filling and generally healthier, grab a bag of salad and throw in some fresh tomato’s and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal everyone loves.

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Dealing with Temper Tantrums

Every child is different so I don’t like to give advice on how to deal with certain situations, however, Sophia is currently going through her terrible twos and it’s not easy.

Rachel was different, she has always been quite a placid child, easy going, care free and tantrum free, but Sophia is a little different.

When she gets into one of her moods, I give her a time-out (it the spare room with no toys or distractions) and give her 20-minute sessions. If she’s not calm within 20, I’ll leave again and return 20 minutes later, this can go on and on but I do find its best to let her calm down on her own and think about what’s happening, why she is upset and how to deal with it. It works 10x better than me shouting at her and sending her to bed because she has the time to process her tantrum.

It doesn’t work for everyone but it works for us.

How Did You Get into Blogging?

Completely by accident!

After giving birth to Rachel, I was researching how to be a parent (literally!!) and found there wasn’t any sound, comprehensive advice which came from just one source. Instead, I was trawling through the web going from one site to the next and just found it exhausting.

I created In Good Taste to give mothers, fathers and grandparents a one-stop-blog for all of their parenting/support and family food needs.

 Favourite Family Memory

This is a hard one, but something I am asked often.

My favourite family memory has to be following the birth of our second girl, Sophia. Rachel was just under four and was so excited to meet her new little sister, after the birth, Chris left to get Rachel from my parents and that moment they met for the first time is something I will never forget.

It was utterly magical and a bond which will never be broken.

In Good Taste - FAQ's

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