How to Save Money on Everyday Household Requirements

Saving money is a chore all on its own, and with household budgets stretched to breaking point due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more families are looking for ways to stretch the family purse a little bit more and still live in a comfortable way.

Living Well for Less

Just because you’re on a mission to save money, it doesn’t mean that you should be putting up with a lesser product or a product that is inferior in any way.

It’s worth remembering big brands spend big bucks on advertising and marketing their products, and those prices are usually passed on to you as a consumer. Just because you haven’t heard much about a brand, it doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent brand.

If you’re concerned about buying brands you’ve never heard of, do a quick Google search and check the reviews before purchasing to put your mind at ease.

Buy Online Instead of on the High Street

Doing your research online beforehand will usually show you that buying things online is a lot cheaper than buying things from high street retailers.

Nowhere is this more true than buying eyeglasses, and websites like show that it’s possible to get high-quality items that look great and work well for considerably less than the high street store is selling them for.

Buy in Bulk Wherever Possible

If you do decide to buy from a real brick-and-mortar store, then consider buying in bulk rather than one at a time.

You’ll almost always find that store cupboard staples like rice, pasta and flour are going to be cheaper when you buy them in bulk, and, when stored correctly, bulk bought dried items like those can last for years!

It’s not just dried items either; things like meat and vegetables can be bought in bulk and divided into smaller portions before being frozen, saving money on food in the long term.

Fall in Love with Preloved

Preowned things don’t necessarily mean worn-out things, and the booming industry of reselling pages like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplaces is a tribute to that.

Decide on what you don’t mind buying second hand, be that a sofa or a nice winter jacket, and begin to fall in love with pre-loved items to save your money.

The bonus here is that you will sometimes be able to find really expensive items for drastically reduced costs with hardly any wear and tear!

Swap Many for Just One

Good marketing is to blame for a huge surge in consumerism, but there’s also a huge surge in the minimalism culture pushback to that, showing people how to live happily with less ‘stuff’.

One of the things you can do less with is cleaning products. From your separate cleaner for every surface to the mountains of single-use plastic bottles full of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

It’s time to get rid of and break up with the marketing gurus for good in order to save your money on cleaning products and soaps you don’t need!

Kelly Tate