Tips on Saving Money for Back to School Supplies

Back to school time is just around the corner, and with it comes a considerable shopping list of supplies to purchase. The kids often want all the new, trendy gadgets and items, but the cost can quickly add up. Your kids will need some essential supplies when they return to school, and while other things are likely optional. These tips and tricks will help you dramatically reduce the amount you spend on supplies while keeping your children happy and excited to start the new school year.

Take inventory of what you have

You even think about starting the back to school shopping, first, take stock of what items you already have. There are likely many things that might be left over from the previous year, such as colored pencils, binders, pencil cases, calculators, etc. While some supplies may be unsalvageable, there is no point in buying a new ruler or calculator every single year. There may even be completely unused items or things still in the box. Sort through everything you have and make a list of what additional supplies you need.

Order online

Shopping in-store for back to school supplies is chaotic and could end up costing you more money, especially if you take the kids with you! When you order supplies online, you can shop around to get the best deals on the products that you need. The best part of being able to buy online is having access to promo codes and exclusive deals that you can’t get in store. The savings can quickly add up, and you won’t need to stand in any lines!

Buy offseason

While many stores will advertise “back to school sales,” the reality is that you can purchase school supplies for much less by buying offseason. Stores know that parents will be in a rush to stock up on supplies last minute and see that as an opportunity for more revenue. Plan ahead and purchase school supplies right at the end of the school year when the demand is low. Many stores will clear out stock to make room for next season’s items, so it’s an excellent opportunity to get some fantastic discounts.

Purchase items second-hand

Many items are fine to purchase second-hand, and you can save a lot of money doing so. Textbooks, sports equipment, and technical equipment (i.e., graphing calculators, laptops, cameras) can be costly, and many students only use them for a year or two. You can find these supplies in near to perfect condition for a fraction of the cost. Your child will likely only use them for a short period, so investing hundreds of dollars isn’t necessary. You can then sell these items on to another student after your child is finished with them.

Back to school time doesn’t need to cost you thousands each year. By being strategic about your spending and taking advantage of all your options, you can get everything that your kids need without breaking the bank.

Kelly Tate