How to give your home that luxurious look

Is it time to give your home a more opulent look? While this is something that many style-conscious homeowners have likely dreamed about, actually going through with it can be a daunting task. Even if you do muster enough nerve, it can be hard to know where to begin.

The good news is that with a few well-chosen adjustments, you can focus your energy on the areas of your home that will offer maximum luxury for your investment.


Natural materials such as stone create a luxurious look that is reminiscent of high-end boutique hotels. A light limestone or marble are both great choices for flooring in high-traffic areas of your home, like the hallway or living room. Avoid going with non-traditional materials that are currently in style as they will quickly start to look dated.

Hard floors always look a touch more elegant than carpet, but for the best of both worlds, add luxury rugs to open spaces. Go with a style and color that has stood the test of time but matches the rest of your décor, such as a Persian rug in a bespoke color.


Opulent fabric wall coverings can bring a touch of class to any space, but they’re especially effective in the bedroom and living room as they can help transform those rooms from functional living spaces into luxury relaxation areas. Materials such as suede and leather are great options for wall coverings and hangings because they are classic textiles that will never go out of fashion.

For the walls themselves, never look past natural wood or polished plaster. They have stood the test of time and can bring a feeling of real opulence to any room.

If you prefer to go with painted walls, be sure to stick with a classic color scheme like neutral-fashion-neutral. For example, use off-white for most of the walls, then a deep navy or slate gray for a single feature wall.


Doors are an often-overlooked aspect of home renovation. All too often, flimsy wooden internal doors are simply replaced with a heavier wood. While this can look fine, the desired effect is not always achieved if you’re aiming for a luxurious, opulent look. Opting for solid heavy woods can also block out too much natural light, undoing any positive changes you might have made to lighting and wall color schemes.

Instead, consider splashing out on some more expensive doors that include a beveled glass inset. This will help natural light flow more evenly throughout your home and give living areas a brighter, more lavish look.


If you opt for furniture from well-known stores – even the higher-end boutique ones – you’re probably not choosing a style and size that is perfectly suited to your living space.

Instead, consider spending extra money on made-to-order furniture from a master craftsman. That way, you can choose the exact style, materials, size, and dimensions of furniture to suit your rooms.

A well-crafted piece of luxury furniture will always give your home an exuberant look. Best of all, it will be totally unique, so no matter how much the Joneses next door love your living room, they’ll never be able to recreate it.


Downlighting, uplighting and backlighting are the keys to transforming your living areas into luxurious space. After all, unflattering lighting can make well-chosen wall hangings and expensive custom furniture look drab and unimpressive.

On the other hand, a well-placed backlight can make even a cheap IKEA vase look stunning. Imagine what they could do when set behind or underneath opulent crystal vases!


Make your wall hangings come to life by adding wall uplighters to your living room. Consider adding a chandelier. For centuries, they have stood as a sure sign of elegance and exuberance. When combined with a dimmer switch, your chandelier will let wall uplighters and back lighters take center stage.

Finishing touches

In addition to adding crystal vases and stylish wall hangings to your main living space, a few extra finishing touches will really make your living room look grand and impressive. You can’t get much grander than a grand piano. These have been a sign of wealth and upper-class status since the 1700s and will work with virtually any style of living space.

Also consider adding some custom artwork that fits with the style and color schemes of your rooms. Art is one of the areas that is purely down to personal taste, so the only rules are to pick something that you like that is also unique and complements your room.

Kelly Tate