How to Make Photo Content for YourBlog

In order to make people want to read your blog post, you need to add relevant pictures. Before you add a picture to your blog, you may want to edit it first on a photo editor. Since it is just for the purpose of creating an image for a blog post, you’ll only need a basic photo editor program like Movavi Photo Editor. If you don’t have the program, you can first download it at the official Movavi site. Once you downloaded it and run the setup installation, a shortcut button to Movavi Photo Editor will appear in your start menu. You can click on the shortcut button to launch the photo editor software.

When you launch Movavi Photo Editor, the first thing you will see is the work area that says Drag and Drop your image files here. This means that you can drag the photo directly into the work area and it will automatically load into the software. Below it, you can also see the Browse for Images button which you can click to bring up the file open dialog box. You can select one or more image files that you want to edit in Movavi Photo Editor and click the open button.

To add caption to photo, you must go to the Text tab on the navigation menu on top. In the Text tab, you will find the tool you need to add text blocks as well as the tools that let you perform some basic editing on the text. You can’t just put your cursor on the text to type the text. You must first click the Add Text button to add the text block before the cursor will appear for you to type the text. The text block has an x button which you can click to delete it. There is also a two way arrows that allows you to resize the text block frame to a bigger or smaller size.

You will probably want to change the font style, font size, font color, outline the text and text transparency. You can access these features in the text subtab. The font style drop down menu offers the same range of fonts as the fonts that have been installed in your computer. So, you can download any font on the internet and the new font will appear in the drop down menu when you refresh the program.

Other than adding text, you can also edit your picture and improve it by removing undesirable objects. To remove an unwanted object or person from the picture, you can click on the Object Removal button. To delete an unwanted object, you need to paint it in red with the red brush tool. You should paint the entire object in red, not just some part of it, in order to completely erase it from the picture. The lasso tool can trace the outline of the unwanted object and make it easier for you to paint it in red. You can use the brush tool to paint as many unwanted objects as you want and have them removed all at one time.

There is also the background removal tool that can delete the old background and let you insert a new background. It requires you to use the green brush tool to mark the object you want to keep and the red brush tool to mark the background that you want to delete. You don’t necessarily have to add a new picture to the background. You can save the picture without a background or choose to fill the background with a solid color.

Kelly Tate