Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Your dog is an important part of your family or pack, they are there when you need them, and they provide you with love and affection that you could not get from anything or anywhere else. As a good owner you have ultimate responsibility about what you buy and feed your pets. Keeping your dog healthy and happy will ensure they lead a full and happy life.

A Good Healthy Diet

Dogs need balance, a treat here and there is OK, but your dog should not be living on a human diet, or human tidbits, simply because human food will not give them the protein that they need. For a dog to have a healthy diet they must have a food that is tailored to them and their needs. For example, if you have a working dog, look at feeding them working dog food, whereas if you have a toy dog, they will need specialist food that gives them everything they need in even the smallest of portions.

Why Food is So Important to Your Dog

Food gives your dog the energy, protein, and sustenance it needs to function well each and every day. Without a good balanced diet your dog will be lethargic, out of sorts and potentially sick. Just like humans’ dogs have feelings and moods, and food can affect how they are feeling and acting, try your best to give them the best food that you can.

Having a Vet on Standby

Good food, exercise, and diet are necessary to keep your dog as healthy as possible, but when your vet needs an operation or needs its vaccination or booster, it is good to have a vet on standby.

Using a trusted and caring vet like the ones from will give you reassurance and peace of mind that your dogs are in safe hands and being looked after as well as possible. Regular checkups and vet visits will allow you to keep an eye on any issues, and they will also allow you to spot anything that might be flaring up or problematic for your dog, perhaps even something that you might have missed.

Regular Walkies and A Few Homemade Treats

There are lots of treats that you can make for your dog that are good for them to eat and suitable for them to eat. Dogs do not require sugar and salt like their humans do so you can bake up a storm in the kitchen, making batches of dog cookies and biscuits even with the simplest of ingredients such as honey, flour, and water. As well as a few homemade goodies it is important that you regularly walk and exercise your dog. Your dog needs stimulation and it needs a change of scenery so look at taking them out of the house and away from home at least once a day, if not twice a day. Exercise, a run, or brisk walk will do your dog (and you) the world of good.

Kelly Tate