Healthy Snacking Guide

Sometimes when you are having dinner in a restaurant, and you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, the snacks they offer are just a waste of good calories. Today, I am here to share a few healthy snacks you can make at home, inspired by a recent casino night we had in which we needed more snacks after coming into the best casino bonus with which to extend our gaming time. Some healthy snacks are high in calories and a waste of good food. As much as I love eating junk food, I like healthy snacks too and I do not want them to consume as much of my time as eating a healthy meal would. By making my own healthy snacks, I do not need to buy the packaged snacks. So, here it goes:

Green Apple Salsa – It tastes like your favourite Mexican salad but you make it at home. I used a whole green apple to make a small batch of this salsa. Usually, you buy salsa in a jar, but most of the packaged salsa contains a lot of sugar. This salsa has no sugar and it only takes only a few minutes to make.

Nutella Truffles – You can eat healthy in your chocolate craving days but what about your chocolate craving? Well, I actually made these truffles and I do not need to cut the chocolate. They do not take a long time to make and you can just leave them in the fridge to wait for you to consume. This is a delicious recipe and very healthy too.

Apricot Chia Smoothie – It has all the goodness of the fruit, cinnamon, protein powder and oils. You can always count on this one.

I have many healthy snacks in the fridge to get me through those days when I do not really know what I would like to eat. You can make your own healthy snacks by making a recipe or a variation of it. Don’t waste your good food by eating something bad, you do not have to sacrifice your healthy life.

How Healthy Is Your Snacking Habit?

How many times have you stopped at the supermarket to grab a snack? You do not think it is that important to make healthy snacks at home. It does not take that much time and can save you a lot of calories you need for other dishes.

Take a look around the supermarket and you will see that most of the snacks you find are high in fat and calories. All the chocolate bars have a lot of sugar and that is not good for your health. You can make healthy snacks that will not increase your calorie intake and will make you healthy. Healthy eating has to be done in a balanced way and I can think of a lot of good snacks to get you through those cookie cravings in the middle of the night.


According to the Eat Smart, Eat Well by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, healthy snacks can provide a good balance of nutrition and energy.

Choose snacks that provide a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Choose snack foods that are low in sugar.

Make snacks that are full of nutrients, fibre and healthy fats.

The nutrition levels of snacks you choose depend on the main ingredient or nutrient that you put in the snack.

Kelly Tate