Perfect Gifts to Buy Yourself

Now and then, it can be time to treat yourself to a special something. Maybe it’s been a hard week at work, a row with a friend, or just a rainy day; there are plenty of reasons to hop on the internet or head out to a shop and buy yourself a gift. 

Here are a few good ideas of gifts to buy yourself as a way of brightening up your day.

Get back to reading

We have all made the statement ‘I want to read more’ this can be difficult to stick to, though, as lives get busier and work and social life gets in the way. A great way to get back to reading regularly is to sign up for a subscription book box. A great option is Heady Mix; they are a book subscription service specifically aimed at feminists and those who want to read a more diverse range of authors. The service is a great way of cutting out the excuses as the books will arrive at your door. 

It’s a great way of making sure you are not wasting your time with any books you might not enjoy. You can sign up for a range of delivery options based on how often you would like to receive the books. 


It may sound cliché, but sometimes flowers are the perfect gift to cheer yourself up, and no, you don’t have to receive them as a gift in some romantic movie montage scene; go out and buy yourself some gorgeous flowers to have on show in your room. 

They will add some color and nature to any house or flat and could be just what you need. Whether you are drawn to sunflowers or roses, there’s no limit to what kind of flowers you can get, and you will be sure to find the right ones to fit your mood and home décor. 


You don’t always need an excuse for buying clothes; you don’t have to have an event, birthday or work do coming up but can instead make a purchase because you want to. Have a browse through your wardrobe and see if there are any bits you want updating; go daring and buy yourself an outfit that you are sure to feel amazing in.

Plastic-free products

If you’re looking to do a bit of retail therapy, a great option can be to swap over to some zero waste products. Whether you already use plastic-free options or you are somewhat of a novice to that side of things, it’s never too late to start. Some popular options are long-lasting metal razors; these can be bought on a subscription service to ensure you never run out. You can also get refillable deodorants and beauty products. As well as these choices, there is also the option to swap your shampoo and conditioner bottles for soap bars in reusable tins; this can be a good alternative to all the plastic that traditional containers use. 

Kelly Tate