5 Steps to Make Your Living Room Cosy

Since the start of the Danish home living trend, known as ‘Hygge’, we have all become a little bit obsessed with making our homes feel cosier and more comfortable. This is a great philosophy because it allows us to focus on the little moments in life where we can just stop and enjoy the simple things, such as enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace. Here are 5 steps that you can take to make your living room feel a little cosier.

Create a Mood with Candles

Place candles around your living room to give a cosy atmosphere and a break from all of that artificial light that we are all used to. Ensure that you air the room during the day so that in the evening you can shut out the outside world and get comfortable in your living room. To create even more of a mood, try using scented candles with woody tones to bring in that outdoor feeling, or create a relaxing spa-like feel with lavender and fresh green notes.


Like with candles, creating that warming glow from a natural flame rather than artificial light has the benefit of making a cosier atmosphere, and besides, what could be cosier than cuddling up by the fire on a cold night? Choose an old-fashioned fireplace for an antique escape, and bonus points for hanging Scandi decorations from your mantlepiece. 

Knitted Is Best

It’s impossible to create a cosy space without the addition of chunky knitted blankets at the ready to throw around yourself, so have plenty of these available, either in wicker baskets or loosely placed over furniture. Furthermore, anything else chunky and knitted that you can bring into the living room, such as by wearing a cosy jumper and fluffy socks will add to the atmosphere, along with large cushions for extra comfort. 

Block the Outside World

The outside world is a terribly busy place to be and when you walk into your living room, you’ll want it to be a cosy escape from all of the hustle and bustle. Blocking all outside influences can have a calming and comforting affect on your mood. Do this by hanging linen curtains that will let in just enough light, but block the view from any passers-by, and remember to leave electronic devices that can keep you too attached to the outside world, turned off. 

Smooth and Round Shapes

Harsh lines and sharp edges can give a feeling of seriousness and inflexibility, therefore, incorporate flowing lines and soft corners to make your living room feel more relaxing and offer a carefree atmosphere. Incorporate circular furniture that people can gather around and add some squishy cushions to seating that has sharp edges to soften the mood. 

Making your living room that little bit more ‘Hygge’ can have astounding benefits to your health and mood by making you truly relaxed and able to leave the stresses of the day behind. Use these 5 steps to begin your journey to comfort and cosiness and remember not to go overboard on spending money for this project since the ethos is all about appreciating what you have.

Kelly Tate