Shed-Off Excess Fat without Cutting-Off Your Favourite Meals

Shed-Off Excess Fat without Cutting-Off Your Favourite Meals

Every foodie’s wish is not to get fat despite eating a lot. Enjoying favourite meals with finger-licking taste gives a heavenly feeling without a doubt. The feeling of munching crispy, crunchy, spicy foods, closing the eyes is awesome. But having these types of fast foods regularly is not a healthy option. It is better to cook something healthy that you can make within a short time.


May be cooking healthy breakfast or other meals is easier on weekend but on those busy weekdays, it is tough to cook healthy but tasty when you are in a hurry. There must be few food chains in your area that serves only tasty but healthy foods by keeping in mind your regular nutrient necessities. Subway is known for serving healthy, nutritious and low-fat meals to those, who are following the strict dieting regime. They make all their foods with proper care and with right ingredients. By using MySubwayCard, you can get good discounts on your food from the selected outlets of Subway. Subway is one of the best fast food centers that sell authentic nutritious, low-fat food items and they enhance their food quality every day with thorough to Food Surveys. They are as healthy and as tasty as your homemade food.


But if you have a little bit of time in your hand, you can try to make similar kind of foods also in your home or something healthy to fulfill your nutritional needs. Here are some ideas that you can follow.


Tips on how to make a healthy breakfast quickly


Having a proper breakfast is the most important part of your daily meals. Do not let your stomach empty for so long once you get off from the bed in the morning. Do not you have enough time to make breakfast at home due to the office? Then try to eat easy-to-prepare food items. According to the leading food websites, cooking at home within the shortest time is not impossible. Here check out below points as some of the instant making breakfast recipes are noted down shortly:


  • Eat double toned milk and cereals in breakfast. Add some iron-containing fruits into the bowl also. The fibrous cereals help in filling up your stomach, whereas milk and fruits provide the energy you need for daily works.

  • Eat oats, and yogurt along with fruits like raspberries, bananas, grapes. This is one of the best tummy-filling breakfasts. It tastes yummy as well. Do not forget to add some nuts into the bowl to enhance the taste of this breakfast recipe.

  • Omelet with stuffed veggies and bacon inside is a mouth-watering breakfast. Eggs contain an adequate amount of protein, and as per research, eating eggs in the breakfast means having fuller tummy for hours long.

  • Smoothies are best to have in the breakfast, which controls the metabolism appropriately. Using green leafy vegetables, yogurt, milk prepare the smoothie quickly. This smoothie will keep your appetite inactive for long enough. You can also prepare blueberry and muffin mixed smoothie or fig and pumpkin smoothie for breakfast.


Focus on the healthy and tasty lunch recipes and get rid of hunger

Snacking is the best idea during lunch hours. Consume soup or salad at lunch along with fish or chicken. Here check-out the points as some of the recipes for lunch are listed briefly:


  • Kale salad containing coconut and bacon is good for launch as it is a complete balanced meal.

  • Creamy tomato pasta contains protein and plenty amount of iron. Make the dish and enjoy the sweet and sour flavored pasta in the lunch.

  • Taste white bean and chicken soup and give your taste buds a yummy feeling as the dish contains amazing flavor and texture along with the nutritional value.


Unlike breakfast and lunch, you should eat less and simple dishes at dinner. Try beans and bell paper mixed spaghetti, chicken farotto, and homemade asparagus soup at night.

Kelly Tate