Surviving a Home Renovation Project

Before beginning your major home remodeling project, there are many things that a homeowner should consider: their budget, the timeline, design elements, your ability to do the work vs. hiring professionals, the mess and inconvenience, packing away items for potentially months, planning for electricity and water shutoffs, the overall disruption to your family’s routines, and one of the main things – should you go for metal building homes or brick and mortar? However, the one item most people do not consider – and the one that has the potential to do the most damage – is the impact that a major home remodel project can have on a couple’s relationship.

While it may look easy on television, home renovation is among the most stressful projects a couple will undertake. Over time, the project can expose or even cause serious relationship problems. You should be aware that most couples who renovate a home together do not agree on every last detail. Whether the relationship survives or falls apart has far more to do with the way the couple communicates than the colors that they choose to paint the walls.

Communication is the key to working together. The infographic, found below, offers 10 tips to help couples navigate their major home remodel project. Based on the principles of successful communication, these suggestions are intended to help couples get through the work while keeping their relationship intact. Don’t let your desire to build the perfect home demolish your relationship!

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