Tapping into the Health Knowledge of the World

The now significantly distant celebration of the World Wide Web’s 30th anniversary, earlier this year, brought into focus the sheer power of the internet, but unfortunately what seems to have been exposed as a downside to that sheer power is how it is misused. The Information Superhighway has become a cesspool for the cultivation of all manner of rogue dealings, which are manifested as fake news, outright misleading information, hate speech, bad advice, and even some illicit dealings.

Let’s not even mention the scams, some of which are so cleverly disguised that the scammed parties don’t even know they’ve been scammed, over and over again…

Be all of that as it may, there is still a good side to the World Wide Web and in order to get to the value it possesses – the original value, that is – we’re required to develop some contemporary research skills. With these contemporary research skills we realize that what we have in the internet is all the world’s knowledge at our fingertips.

The onus is on you to devise a way to sift through all the nonsense that’s often presented as facts, which is why bloggers have become so important as independent news and information sources when it has been made clear that the major news and information outlets often bow to the pressure of their sponsors and advertisers. This way it’s very easy to shape the rhetoric to be maintained throughout their content.

As a foodie blogger or a blogger who generally writes about cooking and all the topics surrounding the food preparation lifestyle, if I don’t know how to prepare some recipe, I can sift through a lot of the time-wasting junk online and find a good recipe, for example. Once I’ve found that recipe I could perhaps even improve upon it by trying it out and tweaking it here and there.

On the flip-side – if a great recipe was perhaps passed on to me by my grandma, I could do my bit to contribute to the information pool that sits in the ether that is the World Wide Web, having had that recipe drilled into my memory over the years, growing up.

Now, when it comes to isolating the topic of health as one for which we seek all the knowledge of the world via the internet, it’s not a simple matter of being able to Google the symptoms you’re experiencing and then further Googling some home remedy to sort out the corresponding ailment you’re suffering from. You’d need professional medical advice, but in the same way that the internet is one of the only mediums through which eligible parties could have found out about the Division Of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, searching for and finding a good doctor online forms part of what it means to tap into all the world’s knowledge via the World Wide Web.

Once you know how to research properly for the contemporary Information Era we’re living in, healthy-living should be a subject which you become very knowledgeable about, paving the way for you to use that knowledge to enjoy a better standard of life.

Kelly Tate