3 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Put Your Siblings To Shame

Think back on last year’s Mother’s Day and let us know if this tale sounds familiar. You arrivedat the family brunch fashionably late, having spent what little time you had that morning finding a nice gift for your mom. Considering your time crunch, the fresh bouquet of flowers and drugstore box of chocolates were impressive. Mom has a sweet tooth after all. And besides, mom understands how busy you are. You felt confident it was a perfectly good gift until Mom opened your sister’s massive, artfully wrapped gift basket. It’s obvious to everyone at brunch that she spent ten times the amount of time, effort, and money on her present than you did on yours.

If you’re tired of being outdone (again) on Mother’s Day, it’s time to knock off sister dearest from her pedestal. Take a peek at these gifts guaranteed to show your mom just how much more you love her than anyone else.

A new iPhone X

When you wrap up this particular handset for Mother’s Day, there will be no mistaking your intentions. A bold first choice for the holiday, an X proves you mean to spoil your mom rotten.

At $999, the iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive phone. And as its current flagship, it’s the most innovative iPhone in its lineup, with such revolutionary features as Face ID and Selfie Portrait Mode. It also comes kitted out with a quick A11 Bionic chip processor, a gorgeous OLED display (the first of its kind in iPhones), and wireless charging capabilities (another first for Apple).

If one of the greatest handsets in the world isn’t enough, add a customized iPhone decal to your gift box. As the pièce de résistance, a decal adds an element of flair to the otherwise unassuming black rectangle. To find something truly unique, shop from the folks at dbrand. They have an exclusive partnership with 3M vinyl that ensures they always have the best collection of new skins for the X. You won’t be able to find their premium texturesanywhere else. With textures like marble, hardwood, and stone as options, you’ll find a skin that matches your mom’s style perfectly.

A handblown VENTRICLE vase

Flowers are an inevitable part of Mother’s Day. If you don’t bring them this year, someone else in her life is bound to gift her a fresh bunch of fresh flowers. And sure, considering your track record, she probably expects you’ll give another bouquet this year. What she won’t expect is the vase they come in.

The delicate, colorful design of Eva Milinkovic’s VENTRICLE vase is a stunning piece of glass work.The sculptural vase has an organic, whimsical form that Milinkovic based on the human heart. She hand blows each vase, taking care to mix its glossy cherry, purple, and turquoise pigments to ensure it’s a one-of-a-kind edition to her numbered series.

Its gleaming surface and artful form cast a striking figure with or without flowers. Mom will be compelled to keep this vase out all year round.

A Tiffany bow ring

Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like a beautiful Tiffany Bow Ring. It shimmering band is an eye-catching testament to how much you care for your mom.

The slender thread of 18k white gold is reminiscent of the ribbon you may tie around its small jewellery box. Diamonds encrust the center knot of the bow, creating a dazzling focal point to this charming ring. Asymmetric though its design may be, the elegant ring strikes an arresting band around any finger that wears it.

Once you wrap up any of the gifts gracing this list, you may have set an interesting precedent. Top dog for so long, your sister will fall hard when your present manages to impress and delight Mom. Though she may lick her wounds this year, she’ll have another 12 months to think up creative ways to out-do you again next Mother’s Day. So just be aware that this gift-giving campaign is an act of war, and you’ll spend the upcoming years trying to out-give each other.

Who said a little healthy competition ever hurt anyone? Your mom only stands to benefit from your gift-giving rivalry!

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