New Windows Add More Than Light

It’s that time of year again — spring means more light and with it improved mood and sense of well-bring. With longer and brighter days on the horizon, you should be trying to maximize brightness and energy-efficiency as much as possible. In order to optimize your sunlight intake, however, your windows have to be up to the task.

Save Energy With New Windows

More sunlight means there is an opportunity to save energy when lighting and heating your home. Letting in more light has many benefits, but the real test for any window is their ability to regulate hot and cold temperatures — this will determine if they are energy-efficient or not.

During the winter, effective windows will combat heat loss while keeping the cool out. Similarly, during the warmer months, your home’s windows play a major role in regulating the heat and retaining the cool. With the right windows, you should experience comfort year-round. Just as easily, however, windows can lose or gain heat through an improperly glazed pane, poorly installed frame, or through low quality seals.

The best quality windows on the market are all ENERGY STAR® certified. It’s a classification that ensures that you are getting a product that will regulate temperature effectively. Window companies like Centennial Windows & Doorsare ENERGY STAR® certified, and offer several styles in countless customizable options, so you get the performance you need with the look you’ll love.

Bring In More Sunshine 

Saving energy means saving money, which is why it’s one of the main reasons new windows are a good investment. Sunlight also contributes to sound mental health, and the vitamin B12 we gain through direct and indirect exposure to sunlight means that investing in better windows is good for your wallet and your well-being. When it comes to letting in more light, investing in a new style of window could be the answer you’re looking for.

There are many different styles of windows, but in terms of letting in light, some perform better than others. This spring, don’t settle; instead upgrade with windows in your home from a trusted source that provides the following styles.

Windows That Let In The Most Light:

Picture – Free of moving parts, these windows are large, unobstructed, and complement any style of home. Fixed picture windows let in lots of natural light without sacrificing energy-efficiency — as long as they’re made with double-glazed glass.

Bow or Bay – Similar in style and purpose, bow and bay windows use multiple panes in a variety of angles to protrude outwards from your home, letting in lots of natural light. While they take up space on your home’s exterior, they also help increase the space inside.

Casement – Balancing form and function, casement windows are a simple, easy to use option for your home. Usually coming in 2 or more panes at a time, casement windows are a reliable pick for letting in light thanks to their simple and unobstructed style.

This spring, be prepared by adopting techniques to make your home more adaptive to sunlight, as this will improve your mindset and keep the utilities meter in check. While replacing windows or doors is an investment, there is no substitute for the long term than energy efficient windows, especially those that improve well-being and add to your curb appeal in the process. Make the most of your dollars with replacement windows from a trusted source — they’ll let in more light, make your home more energy efficient, and help you stay comfortable inside and out.

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