4 Tips For Finding Inspiration For Cooking

Sometimes at the end of a busy day, the last thing on your mind is how you’re going to come up with a brilliant culinary creation.  The only thing that you feel like doing is putting your feet up and ordering delivery without having to wash a single dish.

However, cooking isn’t just something that is healthier than always reaching for convenience instead, it’s also something which can be therapeutic.  Learning how to create wonderful things with wholesome ingredients is a skill that will pay off if you make an effort.

Not sure where to come up with ideas of what to cook when you’re brain-dead at the end of the day?  Here are some of the best ways to find recipes that you’ll be sure to feel enthusiastic about even at the end of a long day.

Your Favorite Restaurants Menus

Going to a restaurant that you love and writing down your favorite items on the menu is a great way to always have an idea on hand that you know you adore.  For extra motivation, you can even take photos of the dishes on your phone so that you can have a visual reference.

If you’re feeling extra confident you can even pop your head into the restaurant kitchen and ask for some tips on how to recreate the dish at home.  You may find that the chef is enthusiastic about it!


There are no shortage of cooking blogs all over the web which come with the best ideas for what to create for any occasion.  A fan favorite is often Pinterest which doesn’t just include all of the steps for creating a wonderful dish, but also comes with beautiful photographs which are sure to kick your motivation into gear.

In your extra time, you can scroll past your favorite looking pins and put them on a cooking inspiration board of your own.  That way next time you have no idea what to cook you can simply take a look at your saved Pinterest boards.

Asking Friends For Recipes

Putting the word out with friends that you’d like their favorite recipes and cooking tips should help you find a bunch of great dishes that you’ve never tried.

Many of your friends will be so excited to share their favorite cooking secrets that you may even come up with more results than you thought were possible!

Throwing Everything Together

Sometimes you have to be gutsy in the kitchen.  If you find yourself with no idea what to cook with what you have, there’s no holding you back from simply throwing it all in a pot and creating something daring.

You may be surprised that you’re capable of creating amazing concoctions you never thought were possible.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

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