5 Great Reasons to Hire a Corporate Caterer for your Event

Organizing a company event is anything but easy – there are visitors to invite, hall to book, interior settings to take care off, business matters to handle, agenda to prepare, sound system to hire, meal to organize, the list is endless. It can difficult to handle all these by yourself, and still manage to pull off the kind of event you were hoping for.

The good thing is you could still take care of a range of stuff, like coming up with the agenda or finding a perfect hall and interior decor among other things. But if there’s one thing that you cannot take chances with is the food department. In addition to being sensitive, the kind of meal you serve at an event (and how you present it) will either make or break the day. That’s why the importance of hiring a professional caterer can never be overemphasized. Top caterers, like Thomas Olivers Corporate catering in New York, will lift the burden off your back and ensure that your guests get the best experience.

Here are some five great reasons to hire a corporate caterer for your event:

Save time

As stated earlier, there are lots of things that require your attention when planning for an event. It can be challenging to take care of everything by yourself. Catering for an event is a significant undertaking that needs planning, research, and understanding of the process. You’ll need to figure out what to cook, go to the grocery to buy the ingredients, and invest lots of time preparing the food, setting the tables and serving. If you think about it, that’s a time that you could spend doing other things – like tending to guests.

Less stress

Your company event should be a happy moment for you – not an overwhelming one. By hiring a catering company, you will relieve yourself from having to take care of the decorations and invitations to drinks and food. You may not know this, but the thought that goes into what you need to serve at an event can cause much anguish. The professionals can help ease this stress and handle the donkey work for you.

No waste

Professional caterers know the amount of food and beverages to serve at your event. Once they have the number of guests and your budget, they will work out the right amounts of appetizers, main meal side dishes, and desserts that will be required. So you won’t have to worry about buying more or less than what’s needed.

Top notch service

When you work with experts, you can rest knowing the service is going to be stellar, because every small detail is considered. Attention to detail is critical, and this entails everything from clean spoons and neatly written dish names to well-behaved waiters taking the utmost care of guests.

Hygiene at its best

Professional caterers are good at what they do, and they love it; they wear gloves and hats while preparing and serving meals, use fresh fruits and veggies and even clean utensils. These details may seem negligible, but they will add up to your event, and the guests will appreciate the fact that everything was well organized and hygienic

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