The Best Foods for Healthy Senior Living

For people of any age, eating well is an important part of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This becomes truer the older you get; as your body ages you will need to fill your diet with more nutritious foods that provide the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that your body needs for optimal wellness.

And despite popular belief, supplementing your diet with pills might not be enough to give you what you need – eating healthy food directly is usually the ideal way to get your vitamins.According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the ideal diet for an older adult should consist of the following:

  • Fruits and vegetables, whether they are fresh, frozen, or canned. Focus on dark green vegetables like broccoli and green beans, as well as orange vegetables like carrots.
  • Less red meats and more variation of protein options with fish and beans.
  • Consume at least three ounces of whole-grains(cereals, breads, crackers, etc.) daily.
  • Add three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy fortified with vitamin D for better bone health.
  • Eat healthy fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) and avoid trans and saturated fats.

With so many benefits of a healthy diet for seniors it’s no wonder that a number of senior living homes put so much attention into developing meal plans that are not only tasty but nutritious as well. Diet plans are typically designed to increase the intake of vitamins and nutrients, such as:

  • Vitamin D and calcium for healthier bones.
  • Vitamin B12 to promote healthy nerves and blood cells and reduce anemia.
  • Potassium for reducing blood pressure.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for a better metabolism.

The best senior living homes include meals that are dietician-approved and customizable to meet a variety of medical needs, like diabetes and low-sodium diets.But ensuring your food is delicious is just as important as eating a healthy meal, which is why many senior living homes hire certified chefs to design meals to keep their residents happy and healthy.

Good-tasting and healthy food is not only great for your body but mental state as well. In addition to leading to a better mood, enjoying the food you eat can also make you happier and more satisfied with your meal choices. If your healthy food is tasty as well as nutritious, you’ll be less likely to eat foods that are not good for you in order to satisfy a craving.

Share a Meal with Friends

Meal times can be the most important part of a person’s day – especially when it’s shared with other people. Socialization is a great way to maintain your overall mood and mental health, especially if you have good food to complement it.

Professional chefs understand the importance of the whole dining experience, which is why senior care residencies will put effort into creating a welcoming atmosphere for their guests. Providing seniors with a comfortable place to eat and enjoy a healthy meal is a great way to improve their overall health.

Kelly Tate

Kelly is a full-time supermum, caring for two kids and a hardworking husband. A cook, a cleaner, a carer and all round hard worker, striving for the perfect family life (with a few bumps along the way!) Eternally honest and sometimes brutally forward, no topics are off limits with Kelly.
Kelly Tate