Dietary and Medical Supplements You Should be Taking

While it might have been that watching television a few decades ago could have safely been classified to be nothing more than a waste of time or just purely for entertainment purposes, nowadays you can actually learn a lot from watching TV. Unfortunately though everything is pretty much geared towards someone getting some sort of commercial gain out of what is aired and so you might find yourself confused with all the information you’re being fed.

When it comes to medical and dietary supplements for instance, if you actually went ahead and took each class of supplement you’re told you should, every morning would be a real pain because you’d be ingesting a serious cocktail of different little tablets, capsules, serums, shakes etc.

The truth is if you’re getting all the nutrients you need from the food you eat alone, you’ll only really need to take about three classes of supplements, otherwise since it’s near impossible in this day and age to get all the nutrients you need solely from the food you eat, only about up to six supplements are required. Even then, you shouldn’t be taking them forever.


This is just so that you’re safe in knowing that your body is getting all the vitamins it requires, many of which the majority of us aren’t getting from the food we regularly eat. A good multivitamin should perhaps only be taken once a day, maybe as an effervescent tablet in water.

Supplementary Vitamin

A supplementary vitamin would perhaps be required if you’re targeting a specific area in which you might be deficient, such as perhaps if you’re not getting enough sunlight and if you’re not eating enough yellow fruits and veggies (pumpkins, etc), a bit more of vitamin B and vitamin K supplements would be in order.

Micronutrient Supplement

You might be a vegetarian who struggles to maintain the recommended daily requirement of a specific micronutrient like iron, in which case you can add the relevant micronutrient supplement to your daily intake of supplements.

Preventative Supplement

This is where and when the medical supplements come into play, like perhaps an antibacterial throat spray to be taken once in a while so as to keep the build-up of infection-causing bacteria in check. This is how you avoid getting ill with the likes of cold and flu.

Energy Booster

Not to be used forever, energy boosting supplements are for those times during which you might have been extremely busy and you can feel yourself running low on the natural energy you ordinarily get from your regular diet. Stay away from energy drinks and try to minimise stimulants like coffee as well.

Exercise Specific Supplement

If you’re targeting a specific outcome with your exercise exploits then a relevant supplement is in order. If for instance you’re aiming to bulk up a bit and pack on a bit of lean muscle tissue, something like a protein supplement will do, but again this shouldn’t be taken forever. The likes of creatine is good for loading up your muscles with the energy it’ll need for your workouts as well.

Kelly Tate