Drinks You Shouldn’t Give to Your Children

It can be hard being a parent, especially when your children are constantly bombarded by adverts selling them fizzy drinks, sugar and sweets!

The brighter the colour and the funnier the advert, naturally the more they want it and unless you put a ban on TV, then you’re going to find your little ones asking for a bottle of Coke or lemonade.

It is no secret that certain drinks are filled with e numbers, sugar and other nastiness we would never willingly put in our children’s bodies yet when it is tasty, fruity and has nice packaging, we can’t resist.

The health effects of these drinks can vary from hyperactive episodes to more serious tooth decay and obesity, too much of these drinks can be detrimental to your child’s health.

Did you know that 62% of UK adults say their children copy their drinking habits, for both healthy and unhealthy drinks? This fact is accompanied by the one which states that 8% of children drink fizzy drinks every single day.

There are some drinks and brands which are worse than others and you may not even know, discover the drinks you should avoid giving your little ones!

Irn Bru

Irn Bru is full to the brim of e-numbers including a whole load of colouring.

Combine these two chemicals and you have a recipe for a hyperactive child, with the added caffeine it’s also not great if you’re looking forward to an early night.


If you’re craving a fresh apple drink with a little fizz then you may be tempted to reach for an Appletiser but with a high-calorie count and shocking sugar levels, this is certainly a drink you don’t want to be feeding to your little ones.


Sprite recently underwent a brand and product revamp which saw them drastically reduce the fat and sugar content within their drink. They replaced the sugar with a natural sweetener but it does still contain e numbers which you shouldn’t allow your child to consume too much of.


Orangina is the perfect holiday soft drink and it does rate highly in my opinion.

Made with orange and carbonated water, Orangina is maybe one of the best but it does still have a high-calorie count so I do advise this is just a holiday or sunny day thirst quencher.


The classic fizzy drink and the one we all love.

Coke has a reputation for being pretty bad for you and it’s no surprise why, thanks to the high amount of calories, caffeine, sugar and E-numbers, Coke will give you an instant high and sugar rush but will leave you feeling parched and a little dehydrated. This is definitely not a drink your kids should be having on a regular basis.

So there you have it, some of the worst fizzy drinks you should never give to your children. Instead opt for water, squash and smoothies which may still contain natural sugars but it is better than all the added chemicals and caffeine.

Kelly Tate