Healthy Occasional Indulgence to Ensure You Don’t Incite Bad Eating Habits

Just as the suggested routes in your GPS device are meant to serve only as guidelines for the actual route you’re ultimately going to take to get to your destination, the list of healthy foods you’re encouraged to eat is also meant to serve as a guideline. In any case it’s impossible to stick to a strict healthy diet and maintain it over a period of a mere few months, let alone exist solely on food that tastes like cardboard in the name of healthy eating.

You’ll be happy to know that you most definitely need a bit of indulgence every now and then, if not to reward yourself for otherwise being diligent with your healthy-eating commitments then to bring a bit of balance into the mix. It works a lot like how vaccines do in that you need a bit of the “bad” elements in order for your body to maintain its ability to deal with them. If your body isn’t used to burning fat in any way then it’ll inevitably have a hard time doing so when explicitly required, such as perhaps when you really have a hard time eating healthily, like perhaps when you’re away on holiday.

Junk-Food Fridays

Okay, so it doesn’t specifically have to be Friday that’s designated for the occasional day of indulgence. It can be any day really, but Friday perhaps makes the most sense since it just naturally fits in with other indulgences, like having a few more drinks to ease away built-up stresses of the past working week. It also doesn’t have to be one day out of each week and can perhaps be every second Friday. The idea is that you should give yourself and your family some leeway to indulge a bit as this has some rather effective effects on your overall course to live and eat healthily.

In Good Taste

If you (and the kids) know that in a few days time when Friday next comes around you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious food without any guilt, the urge to overindulge when you should rather be choosing healthier options will be that much easier to resist. That way the habitual build up of tending to overindulge and choose bad eating options won’t have any chance of solidifying itself and getting institutionalised.

Your body will also come to the party by way of how your internal biological mechanisms align themselves and operate. Your internal biological clock is very powerful for example in being able to anticipate when it’ll have to work harder to deploy fat-burning processes when you tend to let go a bit and spoil yourself, so too your immune system which will function better to fight against illnesses, diseases and other ailments.

You will enjoy the benefits of having more energy as well and it all just clicks into place because your sleeping patterns become regular as well, so too the likes of your bowel movements.

So even if you are indeed on a quest to eat healthily to perhaps maintain a healthy body mass index, by no means does this mean you can’t enjoy the occasional burger or indulge in any other way your heart desires.

Kelly Tate