Family Getaways Should Never be Exhausting

Between organising every aspect of the trip to making sure all is well while you’re all away on your family vacation, it can all feel like you should perhaps have just stayed at home and relaxed properly over there. Mothers unfortunately often bear the brunt of this since we’re the ones who are often running around everybody else and making sure they’re safe, happy and well fed.

That’s not how it should be though. A family getaway should be relaxing and rejuvenating for everybody and should never be exhausting. If you find that you’re rather ironically exhausted after your family vacation, you need to make some changes so that you can really start looking forward to the family getaways and actually enjoying them while you’re away.

Say No to Self-Catering Lodging

Well it’s often cheaper than say staying at a five star hotel or similar type of holiday lodging, but electing to stay in a self-catering unit does nothing but set you up for that holiday stress that often comes with trying to turn your surroundings into something that resembles home. In other words you will be plagued by the desire to perhaps cook all the time and even entertain thoughts of how you would have decorated the place and arranged the furniture, etc.

The only way to enjoy self-catering lodging is if you promise not to make full use of the self-catering facilities. In other words if you’re going to be using your kitchenette, don’t cook up a storm from scratch. Rather order some takeaways and use the cutlery and crockery to serve the meals, not to prepare them. Heck use disposable polystyrene cups and paper plates for goodness sake! Nobody should be thinking about washing the dishes or anything like that as you’re on holiday, including you.

So order in — it doesn’t mean you have to order unhealthy junk food all the time. Some healthy foods can be ordered to-go just about anywhere these days, especially in and around holiday destinations.

Let Your Hair Down and Get Involved

Sometimes we mothers really sell ourselves down the river hey! I mean how many photos of family holidays do you see in which the mom is always the one holding everyone else’s stuff while they’re fully engaged in the various holiday activities and having all the fun in the world? Put a helmet on as well and go quad-biking with everyone else. It doesn’t mean you’ll be losing all inhibition and throwing out all health and safety precautions. All it means is immersing yourself in the holiday fun so that your body can also come away relaxed.

In Good Taste

Everybody Must Do Their Bit

Finally, mum must not be the one picking up after everyone and making sure everything is all good for herself and the entire family. Everyone must do their bit and it’s okay for you to completely switch off in the knowledge that everyone is safe, so you can slip away for a good few hours for a nice massage at the resident spa treatment centre.

Just remember to enjoy your holiday as well, have fun and relax!

Kelly Tate