Mercedes Benz Viano – The Ultimate Family Car?

I’ve fallen a ‘victim’ to a fantastic marketing campaign by a Mercedes Benz dealership which has an agreement with our auto insurance provider, apparently. What they did was provide us a with a Mercedes Benz Viano as a courtesy car while our main family vehicle had gone in for that one major service it’ll apparently need over its lifespan and all I can say is that I now truly believe this Viano Merc could indeed be the ultimate family car yet.

These types of facts, figures, models and makes don’t ordinarily mean a single thing to me, but I found myself researching other models available in the range to compare them with the V220d we had the pleasure of using for the week during which our family car was undergoing its major service. The full range comes up to four options and the reason why I say I’ve been the victim of a superb marketing campaign is because I think we got the best one in the range, which based on price alone comes in as the second most expensive option out of the four options.

It’s also joint second in terms of the size of the engine, which for me simply means whenever I need to get somewhere a bit quicker (soccer mom vibes) then I have that power available to me, but what’s even more important to me is the safety issue. Mercs are known to be really safe cars though, so no worries as far as that goes.

So it’s a diesel engine, as perhaps can be expected of a vehicle this size, but what’s really great about it is the fuel consumption rate which is really, really good considering the size once again. 100km consumes 5.71 litres and just don’t get me started on the interior features — it has the works!

In Good Taste

Need I say it’s an extremely comfortable ride even for the driver, which is why you can get lost for hours on end just eating up every other kilo the road has to offer.

Seating capacity is perhaps one of the top features which make this potentially the ultimate family car because you can seat up to seven passengers with plenty of room for luggage and all manner of accessories. If you’re a typically smaller family and are going away far for quite some time, the backseat seating can be folded inwards to create even more space than what is already available and there’s even more space on the roof to affix some more luggage with the rooftop mounts.

Style wise I just can’t complain about anything — it looks as good as any Mercedes can look and doesn’t give off the feeling of a commercial vehicle like those in the Sprinter range or the outright Mercedes Benz commercial trucks. It really just looks like it was built for the growing family and performs well (by that I mean fuel consumption, not speed) whether it’s packed in with all seats occupied and a full load of luggage or if you’re just driving around all by yourself.

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