3 Foods Habits To Help Keep Your Kids Regular

A kid’s life is always full of transitions. For learning how to potty train and sleeping through the night on their own to starting a new daycare or school and possibly dealing with the separation of their parents, the only thing constant about being a kid is having things change. Although kids are pretty resilient and can easily handle a lot of this change, one area that they might struggle with is keeping their bowel movements regular. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to help them solve these types of issues. To show you how, here are three food habits that will help keep your kids regular.

Focus On High-Fiber Foods

One of the biggest reasons for someone being regular is having the right amount of fiber in their diet. The problem with this for most kids is that high-fiber foods aren’t necessarily foods that the majority of kids are ready and willing to eat. Because of this, you’ve got to focus on consciously giving your children foods that are rich in fiber. For some ideas of what foods to try, Susan Lundman, a contributor to LiveStrong.com, advises pushing a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If possible, try to give your kids fruit with the skin on, since this is where a lot of the fiber is found in fruit.

Drink The Right Beverages

Along with food, you should also be giving your kids the right drinks to help them stay regular. According to Julie Revelant, a contributor to Fox News, your child needs to be drinking enough water each day to keep things moving on the inside. While your child might like to drink milk, this beverage won’t keep your child regular and may cause him or her to feel too full to eat or drink other fiber-rich options. You can also try to give your child a little bit of 100 percent juice on occasion when constipation is particularly bad, but try to stick to just whole fruits so that your child is getting more fiber than is typically found in the fruit juices.

Get Moving After Meals

The habits and routines that you get in after you eat can also have a big impact on your child’s ability to stay regular. According to Maggie McCormick, a contributor to HowToAdult.com, getting a little bit of activity after your child’s eaten can help get their digestion going and help them get things moving through their tummies. You may want to try taking a walk together after dinner to see how this change affects the regularity of your child.

If you’ve been having a hard time keeping your kids regular, consider using the tips mentioned above to address these issues with their diet.

Kelly Tate

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