Hungry For Local Food? Consider Online Grocery Delivery

One of the most notable trends in the food industry in recent years has been the growing interest in local food. According to, Canadians trust locally produced food over food shipped from overseas or out of the country, and with more and more Canadians also expressing interest in sustainability and ethical sourcing, the market for high quality, local food from agriculturally rich provinces like Ontario is growing.

But even as demand grows, consumers can sometimes find it difficult to balance their desire to purchase locally sourced food with the hectic pace of modern urban life. Large cities like Toronto or Ottawa have plenty of options for shoppers who want to find locally raised meat, but they aren’t always easy to get to and may require a special shopping trip. With people facing so many pressing demands on their time already, going out of their way to shop local can feel like a luxury.

Fortunately, online meat delivery services are changing this. Services like Ontario-based have tapped into this market by offering innovative fresh meat delivery services that allow customers to purchase a range of high quality local meats over the Internet.

Grocery delivery services are nothing new, but what sets providers like truLOCAL apart is their ability to blend speedy delivery and a seamless shopping experience with locally raised, sustainable meat that is antibiotic free and with no added hormones. Shoppers can purchase meal boxes with their chosen cuts of meat online, and whether they’re looking for gourmet chicken delivery or mail order steak, they can get it delivered the next day.

The service can also be set up to repeat, which means your order is guaranteed to show up at your door every month, twice a month, or every three weeks, making it easier than ever to forego the special trips to the butcher without having to go without locally raised meat.

One of the truly revolutionary things about online meat delivery is how it is changing consumption habits even outside of major urban centres. The same service is available for young professionals in Toronto, tech entrepreneurs in Waterloo, and contractors in rural Ontario, which means that even in areas that don’t have specialized meat markets or high-end butchers, premium meat delivery is only a few clicks away.

Furthermore, the service is remarkably flexible to consumer needs. Meal boxes can be delivered to homes, office buildings — even gyms and cottages. Because the meat comes in a cooler, there is no need to free up extra space in the freezer or worry that it will spoil en route. And because it comes individually packaged, meal preparation is easy and straightforward.

As more and more people turn to locally produced food for health and environmental reasons, it seems likely the movement toward sustainable and local eating will become a normal part of food culture for North Americans. And with options now available for regular consumers to get access to high quality meat delivered online, this trend will no doubt continue to accelerate.

Kelly Tate

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Kelly Tate