3 Ways To Keep Your Family’s Food Source Safe

Each and every day of our lives, we as moms, struggle to make sure our families have the best nutrition we can provide them and that they have it in abundance. We also strive to make sure that what we give them is safe to eat.

There are countless problems that can occur with food that is ill handled or contaminated. From food poisoning to more serious infections from insect feces and parasites, it is essential that we take the opportunity to make sure the food we are feeding our spouse and children is safe and ready for consumption. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that.

Wash Your Hands

Most of us can remember Mom and Dad demanding that we wash our hands before every meal. They were right to. Playing out in nature is a right of passage. It’s necessary for a balanced childhood in most people’s opinion.

However, there are countless pesky germs and parasites that can hide in the dirt, under fingernails, and around your child’s wrists. No one wants a side of tapeworm with their steak. Along with having your family wash up, make sure you do, as well.

Especially when cooking raw meats like chicken and pork. If you forget to, you could cross contaminate anything else you prepare to go along with the meal. Salmonella and ecoli poisoning are a ticket to the ER.

Check The Date

Did you ever enjoy the experience in school of turning up a milk carton that was way out of date and chugging about half of it before you realized what you had done? YUCK! Not only does out of date milk taste horrible, but it can deliver a good case of food poisoning.

This can develop from the bacteria that are allowed to multiply in the milk after it has expired. The majority of out of date products will only deliver a bad taste in your mouth from the staleness or loss of freshness.

Be that as it may, the date on foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, raw meat, poultry, and dairy products should be watched closely. If you see mold growth on any of these, avoid them.

Keep Pests Away

Ok. There aren’t very many of us that would say that pests are our favorite type of pet. This is especially true when it comes to our food source. The two most common pests, mice and roaches, are nearly experts when it comes to contaminating any healthy food source. Roaches carry bacteria that can cause food poisoning, staph, and allergic reactions. If that wasn’t bad enough, what one mouse can deliver to your household will turn your stomach.

Along with causing an allergic reaction, one mouse can cause you to contract Leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that can possibly cause multiorgan failure, Listeriosis, which can cause meningitis, and Rat-Bite Fever, which is fatal in the majority of cases.

Sick to your stomach, yet? If you are under a property management company, make sure they take the initiative to service your home at least twice a year for roaches, mice, and other pests. If they don’t offer that service, there are several pest control companies that will alleviate the problem for you.

In the end, the safety of your family is what is most important. Take these steps to make sure the food they eat is safe for consumption.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

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