Brazilian Street Food

When I lived in São Paulo, I had the privilege of walking through Parque Ribeirão in downtown, taking in the people watching, the palm trees and beautiful view.

When I came back, I made sure to come back to Parque Ribeirão with Jamie (I was quite jealous that he got to do the touristy stuff!). A friend told me that we should eat here after walking around. I was surprised that it was so different to what I was used to in the US.

I definitely agree that it is different from other Latin American street food, but I love it. The amazing part is that there is usually a Brazilian version of many of the foods I was used to eating as a kid. Brazilians really know how to cook with spices!

This place serves a lot of food like bread and chips, and a lot of good soups. The food is really good. The soups are really light and I recommend that you try the lobster soup.

I have no idea how many soups I have had at this place. They serve a ton!

It is a really small place but super clean.

The price for a soup is much more reasonable than what you pay in the US.

In general, Brazilian food is pretty inexpensive so I find that I eat here quite a bit. They have an amazing lunch buffet. They have a lot of different types of food. Some of my favorites would be the chicken skewers (it is actually impossible to choose a favorite but I will tell you that I do like the grilled chicken). They also have a ton of salads and veggie burgers. It is a nice thing to have to make it through the afternoon.

Brazilian Street Food

When I was in Brazil, I loved walking around Parque Ribeirão. There is so much diversity in what they have. They are able to make a lot of different kinds of food at affordable prices. When I came back to the states, I decided that I wanted to eat some Brazilian food so that I could actually compare. I wanted to see how different it was. This is how I found out how different Brazilian street food is from street food in the US.

1. The bread

Brazilian street food is usually a mixture of different kinds of bread. The bread here is very different.

The bread has much more toppings, and is made in a different way. I don’t know if it is because they serve a lot more bread and have a lot more people eating it, but it seems to be made with different ingredients. There are a lot of different types of bread in Brazil. I am sure that it is made with many different kinds of spices. My favourite is the baguette. When I go to Brazil, I usually take a baguette with me just to try one of the different breads. Sometimes I take it back to the US.

Brazilian Street Food – Bread

2. The soup

In the US, they use the same ingredients and make the same soup every time. I am glad that they have a Brazilian version of the soup, though,  in the same way that someone from Holland searching for online casinos might type out the search query in their own language: beste online casino.

I really enjoyed the soup that I had here. It was the best soup I had in Brazil. It had chicken and lobster in it, and it was really thick. I never saw soup like that in Brazil. I liked that it had different toppings on it.

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