When Dietary Supplements Become Essential

It’s perhaps something you’d normally associate with someone who has a specific health and fitness goal, that being the use of dietary supplements, but it goes beyond just using supplements to shed some flab or build some muscle. Sometimes dietary supplements become essential, which is precisely the reason why you can find many of them at an establishment such as a pharmacy, chemist, drug store, etc, and not just in the health and fitness isle of something like a department store.

When and how do you know that you perhaps need to look towards dietary supplements though? Well there are quite a few ways to tell, fortunately, all of which ultimately go back to using your body as an indicator.

Inadequate energy levels

Look it’s only natural for you to wake up one day, perhaps in your mid to late twenties and beyond, only to realise that you don’t quite have the same energy levels you had in your earlier years. That happens and comes with age, but if you’re constantly tired and the fatigue from which you suffer just doesn’t seem to be going away then it’s a sign you need to supplement your main diet with some nutritional sources that can boost your energy levels.

Exercises that don’t yield any notable results

Although it’s nothing but a positive engagement, exercising does indeed put some extra strain on your body and demands more of it in order to respond in the intended manner of you getting fitter, stronger, slimmer, etc. That’s why someone like a budding athlete would incorporate a supplement such as a protein shake into their diet as this would serve as that much-needed agent for the delivery of that extra nutrition required for the exercise programme to deliver its intended results.

Constantly and easily getting sick

If you’ve been getting sick more often than you usually do or in fact if you find that you take longer to recover from even those minor illnesses, it may be an indication that you need to start supplementing your meals. An immunity-booster could very well do, but you might be lacking in a specific nutrient or micro-nutrient, which brings us to the next reason why you might need to take supplements.

Suffering from a deficiency

With a little bit of research you can quite easily match a specific deficiency you have to its corresponding symptom, such as perhaps open wounds and cuts that are very slow to clot and heal being symptomatic of someone who is lacking in Vitamin K, for example. In this case then you would need to identify which food you might have stopped eating that needs to be made up for through its reintroduction, through its substitution or even through its replacement with the appropriate supplement.

Drastic dietary change

It’s always good to maintain dietary variety, but it’s also very easy to fall into a routine by way of the general selection of the food you regularly eat. A drastic change in your regular diet almost always calls for the need for supplementation though.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

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