5 Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

As the essential part of any home, the kitchen usually is a place that is spacious and well-organized. However, with the ongoing micro-homes trend, kitchens are shrinking as well. And just because your kitchen may be small, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to maintain the same style, organization and efficiency as if you had a large kitchen. Here are some ideas to help your kitchen reach its full potential.

1. Function above all

Let’s face it – one tiny kitchen simply cannot accommodate mail storage, homework, laundry duty and recipe hunting all at once. Unless you are not much of a cook and avoid it, your main focus should be meal prep. So logically, functionality should be your main focus.

First, make sure you have all the necessary work areas and appliances. The good news is that you will probably be able to save some space when you opt for using innovative scaled-down appliances including the freezer, refrigerator, two burner stoves, single sinks, drawers and even pint-size microwaves.

Also, another cool idea is to go with small-scale island or a counter-top cart you can roll into a closet when you are not using it – but this refers only to those whose workspace is at a premium.

2. Open up the cupboards

When you are in a tiny kitchen where cabinets are somehow towering over your head, it can be quite a claustrophobic experience. You may even be unable to reach what’s in them and just feel overall boxed and closed in.

A great way to get organized is to trade your top cupboards for open storage instead. Consider adding pot racks, shelving and those cool magnetic spice and knife holders. Your kitchen will both look more spacious and serve as the space for your favorite pots, pans, dishes and even artwork.

3. Mixing materials

Just because your kitchen is small, doesn’t mean it is supposed to be dull. It is up to you to doll it up and make the best of it. Add some important style features to it via compelling countertop surfaces, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, color and lighting. And in order to ensure your kitchen with a cohesive look, consider creating a mix board with different samples and swatches of materials you are going to consider. If you are not sure what to do, you can contact a company that renovates kitchens in Sydney to get the best tips, or even hire someone to do your renovation for you.

One quick tip: using the same style and color for fixtures and cabinet pulls will help you unify the overall look.

4. Glass

Glass is probably one of the easiest ways to visually expand any space, and kitchens are no exception. Opt for a glass table top, glass counter, tile, door cabinets or doors that lead to the other room.

Next, strategically place a couple of mirrors around the space to make it seem even bigger. How, you may ask. Well, one of the options is to group a couple of mirrors together and paint their frames the same color. It will look organized without any clutter-y feeling.

Secondly, you can place a mirror behind your stove. Even though it is going to get a little greasy and dirty – it is not like you will have a hard time cleaning it. Plus, whatever you put behind a stove will eventually get dirty. A mirror placed in this spot is going to bounce the light around and both make it easier for you to make a meal AND make it so much more enjoyable to stand in front of the stove.

Finally, glue mirrored tiles to the fronts of your kitchen cabinets so they can reflect the world around. And no matter whether you choose tops or bottoms, either way, this technique will instantly enlarge the space.

5. Lighting matters

A tiny kitchen requires a smart combination of both task and atmospheric lighting. If you want to counteract the fluorescent lighting and add some drama, go with warm pendant lights in the eating area and incandescent lighting under your upper cabinets, as well as above the cabinetry. You can also consider installing lighting underneath the base cabinetry so it will shine down onto the toe plates.

So as you can see, even the smallest spaces have great potential. Because just like Mark Twain once said – “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. Organization mixed with proper inspiration can dp wonders.

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