Which Persian Dishes You Need to Try?

From the very beginning, Persians are known for their excessive hospitality and their taste in foods. Their foods have received a lot of appreciation and they are known to please everyone taste buds. This is their tradition to serve their visitor with the finest persian cuisine that is available at that time and the way of presenting it is more appreciable than the food itself. They are carrying their dishes over the decades without changing them and presenting them in a hospitable manner. They use and have a diversity of secret ingredients which not only teases your taste buds but also provides a great experience. Their cooking method is one of the world’s most old keeping their cultures sophisticated at the same time. As the country itself is much vast so it carries a variety of lifestyles, custom traditions, and local dialects. persian cuisine is also known for its spices, chilies and tamarind cuisines. Moreover as discussed earlier they offer a different variety of food with different flavors which include sweet and sour flavors too. Many people don’t know much about Persian dishes, but if you are amongst them then you don’t need to worry at all, this article has got you covered. This article will let you know and guide you on which Persian dishes you need to try.

Persian cuisine offers Khoresht-e fesenjan

It is the stew that you would literally love to taste, it is popular amongst the persian cuisine and is a must item in their wedding menu. Mostly this dish is made up of a duck but it can also be made with lamb or chicken. Though in the North of Iran some people also make this dish with fish. This dish is easy to make but it requires time so that all the flavors could taste and blend in perfectly.

Zereshk polo popular amongst persian cuisine

As discussed earlier, persian cuisine offers a variety of sweet and sour food including Zereshk polo. It is known for sweetness and sour a dis typically made up of barberries. On contrast, red barriers are used with saffron tinged grains. Zereshk polo itself is also served at weddings as it tastes delicious and is not hard to make at the same time.

Sabzi polo, persian cuisine’s speciality

As the Persian New Year is famous all around the globe which is also known as Norouz, Sabzi polo is the dish that comes in everyone’s mind. It is known to be a tradition to serve this dish in persian cuisine which comprises of fish and rice at this prestigious event. It is also known that in the North of Iran the fish is dealt with much care as it is first given much time and is marinated in whole lemon juice and then fried. On the other hand in the South, the fish is stuffed with different delicious ingredients and then baked.

Persian cuisine chelo kabab koobideh

We all know that kebab is famous all over the world due to its pleasing taste but there are many different types of kebab that one is unaware of. Persian cuisine is experienced in making kebab which is also known as Chelo kebab koobideh which is basically made up of ground meat. Moreover, it is garnished with minced onion over the top along with salt and pepper. Many people might think that it is way too simple but when they try it, it obviously leaves them wanting more.

Kelly Tate