Well, with careers such as blogging, freelance photography and just working remotely in any number of ways, one might be justified in going as far as saying that the future is actually here already. I mean I’m a blogger and although I struggled for a long time to explain to my mother just what it is exactly that I do and how it pays the bills, I reckon there are still some careers of the near future which we’ll need to keep an open mind on with regards to what our kids may want to do.

Reality Media

Well one or more of your kids may perhaps develop aspirations of emulating the likes of the Kardashians or the Osbornes by way of living out their lives as reality TV stars, but every indication is that reality media doesn’t have to reach that level of popularity for its subjects to be successful in it. There is a growing movement of internet reality TV stars who are making a killing just through sponsorship deals and features.

Travel Marketing

This is perhaps something you might have an easier time accepting as it’s something which is a growing tend already. Travel marketing at its most basic of levels entails blogging or vlogging, first of all, and then secondly as a blogger or vlogger who is naturally then active in the travel niche you get invited to stay over at resorts and hotels all over the world in exchange for a review and some cold hard cash, or even in exchange for a sponsored plane ticket, food and further accommodation.

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Custom Errand Running

You might need to open your mind up quite a bit about the prospect of your child choosing to be an errand-runner, but it really isn’t as bad as it may sound these days. Custom errands are often traded through sites such as Fiverr and the compensation is getting really good. I mean just imagine getting paid £200 per week to walk the dog of a super wealthy individual! It really does get that insane, but competition is rather tough in that sphere and there’s a kind of close-knit community of these glorified, overpaid errand-runners who sort of share clients amongst themselves only.

House Sitting

This one could perhaps have fallen under the errand-running category, but deserves its very own because it’s rather specific. This growing alternative career is somewhat of an exchange of your presence for a roof over your head along what is usually a nomad’s erratic travel terrace. Your presence gives the real impression that somebody’s home while you get a place to sleep, all while the owner is perhaps away somewhere on business and doesn’t want to really rent the house out conventionally.

Shadow Photography/Videography

One of the spawns of modern day and emerging reality media — shadow photographers and videographers are popping up everywhere, usually roped in to capture all the special moments people want to share on their social media channels. All that’s left now is for someone to formalise this whole industry and perhaps create an “Uber” for shadow photographers and shadow videographers.

Kelly Tate