Top 7 Books to Select from Children’s Books Spring Clearance Sale 2017

Colourful pictures and intriguing stories are what attract children the most. And, to keep your little ones hooked up, nothing would be better than books. Whether your kids are an unenthusiastic reader or already a bookworm, check out these books that can develop a reading habit within them.  


“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.”  Of course, reading is one such habit that helps the mind to grow in a better way. And, that is one of the reasons to inculcate the love of books in your children.

Despite the difficulty that you may face in keeping your kids sit still for a longer period, here are some of the interesting books that can help you accomplish your mission. So, explore the Books Clearance Sale of this year to find the best option for your child.

  1. All Aboard the Family Series:

This is one great book that you can pick from Children’s Books Spring Clearance Sale 2017. One of the famous children authors, Enid Blyton, has penned down this book containing a collection of four different stories. The book has a lot of adventure illustrated beautifully in its short chapters. Surely, you can take it out whenever your children demand a bed-time story.

  1. Fireman Sam 1001 Stickers Fun Book:

The book includes 1001 stickers of Fireman Sam and his friends who are always there to rescue people. It contains 48 pages with alluring descriptions. Its a paperback version of the TV series, and you surely can gift your child this book if he/she is the fan of Fireman Sam.

  1. 2000 Stickers Monsters:

To keep your little devils captivated in one task, gift this book to them. The book offers 36 frightening activities that your children can finish with stickers. Encompassing Squiggling, sticking, puzzling, and sketching activities, it will be a difficult task for you to separate this book from them. Busy reading, they can do the colouring, search different scenes, find the monsters, and do a lot more activities.

  1. Bob the Builder Magical Story:

Is there even a child out there who doesn’t like Bob, the Builder? Surely, it’s hard to put up a guess here. The book contains a story how Bob and his team finish building a project despite facing all the problems. It is always fun to imagine the result of every obstacle. Though the book has just 32 pages, still it has a lot of interesting things to offer.

  1. Finding Dory Padded Classic:

It is the time for your children to indulge in the life of Dory and her mates residing in the ocean. The book contains a story of how Dory, with her friends, tries to discover her past. It is a perfect storybook to read out loud to your children whenever they are bored. Spread the liveliness and happiness with this book all around.

  1. Amazing Aeroplanes:

Let your kids explore the journey of an animal crew as they become baggage handlers, pilots, and stewards. If your toddler loves machines, this is the book to put forth. The book allows your kids to go an imaginative journey with ease.

  1. My Fairytale Time the Three Billy Goats Gruff

Along with humorous illustrations, the book shows a beautiful tale of three goats. Perfect for a child with age more than 3, this book is enthralling and captivating. With 24 pages, you surely will have enough to read out to them.

So, these are the books that you can take up to help your children with reading. These books are here to inculcate reading habit in your kids. Therefore, without further ado, purchase one right away.

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