4 Tips For Finding Great Recipes

Finding great recipes is a great way to have a meal to prepare on hand that is one of your favorites.  When you start to collect them then you will always have an idea for what to cook. Whether it’s for a special event or just for yourself.

Unfortunately, not every recipe out there is the best.  When it comes to finding good ones, there are hits and misses.  In order to find the best ones, you have to know where to look. So find your reading glasses and put them on.   If you want some of the best ways to find great recipes that you’ll be excited to make for your friends, look no further.

On Blogs

Blogs are some of the best destinations for a collection of recipes.  The nice thing is that once you find a website that you like which consistently posts great recipes, you have found a one-stop shop.

You can look every few days for new ideas and add them to your Pinterest board.  Usually, these blogs are found by searching through forums or through Google.  If you don’t find one that you love initially, stay patient, the right one will come along eventually.


Sometimes it’s all about going back to the original way people once did things.  Cookbooks are great resources for finding interesting and unique recipes from a variety of different countries and styles.

Try to look on places like Amazon which have the best reviews for what you are looking for.  Not only can you buy many of these cookbooks in print, but you can also opt for the Kindle version which makes it easy to have your recipes from the palm of your hand wherever you are.


Sometimes some of the best recipes that are out there are passed down through the family over the years.  Try to ask around with your family members what Grandma’s famous meatloaf recipe was, or how your aunt made your favorite cherry pie.

You may be surprised that even though you don’t find it in a cookbook, some of the best recipes come from family tradition and spark a nostalgic excitement.

Social Media

Try to ask online with your network what your friends favorite recipes are.  Usually, you will find that people will excitedly give you links and resources to their favorite recipes.

You can also check out Facebook groups and forums which are specifically dedicated to sharing cooking and recipe tips.  You can start to build a community of people who also have a passion for cooking and discovering new flavors.

Hashtags are a great tool when looking for recipes on social media since it helps narrow down your results

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