Paper Sandwich Bags vs. Wax Wraps

If you are looking to reduce your plastic usage, you may be looking at removing cling film and plastic packaging from your lunches and finding a friendly alternative.

Two popular alternatives to plastic wrap for food is to switch to paper bags or use wax wraps. Read on to discover which option is best for you.

Benefits of Paper Sandwich Bags

Paper sandwich bags are great because they are made of an extremely biodegradable material and from a renewable natural material. This means that if your sandwich bag somehow ends up in the environment it will break down quickly and won’t leave harmful chemicals behind.

As well as this, the bags are disposable and don’t need to be retained, washed and looked after. You can just throw out your bag once you are done with it and not need to worry about it anymore.

They come in many designs and patterns. This means they’re much nicer than using plain plastic wrap and can a little joy to your day!

Benefits of Wax Wraps

You could argue that wax wraps are better for the environment because they are reused over and over again, meaning that there is no waste being produced for the lifetime of the wrap.

You can make wraps yourself at home and you can make them without beeswax if you are vegan too. This means that you can save costs on buying them upfront – they can be quite expensive if you buy them pre-made.

To make your own wraps you can use old clothes or fabric scraps that you no longer need. This means that you can reduce your waste even further.

Limitations of Sandwich Bags

Whilst sandwich bags are really useful, their disposable nature contributes to some negatives.

Firstly, because you have to buy them frequently they can become quite costly in the long run. That being said if you buy them in bulk they can last a long time at a low cost.

Limitations of Wax Wraps

Wax wraps take a while to make and can cost a lot upfront. They also need to be cleaned between uses. This is a downside for some people because they don’t like the additional effort that comes with the wraps.

Kelly Tate