4 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

Many people set out to lose a few pounds on the latest diet that the internet is buzzing about.  They buy all the powders, and the apps, and the special blenders, and yet despite their efforts, the scale hardly budges.

The frustration of wanting to lose weight yet not seeing results is usually enough to make most people give up.  If you’re one of those people who can’t figure out why they’re not losing weight, then here are some of the most likely potential reasons which you should take a look at.

You’re Eating “Diet” Foods

Never underestimate the power of marketing, especially when it comes to the food industry.  A lot of foods are marketed as low fat or fat-free, however, more often than not, these “low fat” foods are full of sugar to replace the loss of flavor.

As a result, you may be eating less fat. However, you’re eating way over the recommended amount of sugar especially for someone looking to lose weight.

You’re better off eating non-diet foods in moderation than trying to fill the absence of your favorite foods with an overload of substitutions.  As a general rule of thumb 10% of your diet can be whatever you want, and the other 90% should be lean meats or derived from a seed.

You Aren’t Active

Even though your diet is 80% of weight loss, it will be even more effective if you lead an active lifestyle.  For people who lead sedentary lives, their diets may take as much as three times slower to see real results.

Being active doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym and lift weights five times a week.  Something as low impact as walking can have a massive effect on your weight loss.  Try to get up and move around a few times a day to boost your diet’s effects.

You’re Cheating

A lot of dieters can’t figure out why their pants aren’t getting any looser.  They shrug it off and assume there must be a problem with the diet and move onto the next.  These yo-yo dieters always seem to be onto the next popular crazy for weight loss, yet they never lose weight.

Why?  Because if they’re really honest with themselves and look at their food consumption throughout the day, they’ll admit they are cheating.  Every time that you take a small bite of something which falls out of the guidelines of a diet you may think it’s innocent. However, each small cheat adds up.  You’re better off not cheating at all if you’re going to commit to a diet. Otherwise, try at another time when you’re ready for the full commitment.

You’re Consuming Alcohol Frequently

Although alcohol is considered ok in moderation, it can have an adverse effect on your blood sugar levels.  Not only does it inhibit weight loss, but being under the influence of alcohol may encourage you to make unwise nutritional choices.  Anyone who’s found themselves asking their cab to stop at a Jack in the Box on the way home from the bar at 3 am probably knows this well.

Kelly Tate

Kelly is a full-time supermum, caring for two kids and a hardworking husband. A cook, a cleaner, a carer and all round hard worker, striving for the perfect family life (with a few bumps along the way!) Eternally honest and sometimes brutally forward, no topics are off limits with Kelly.
Kelly Tate