4 Tips For Stopping Stress-Eating

Many people know the pattern all too well.  You go through something stressful like forgetting to make a payment on your mortgage, finding out you’re getting laid off, or going to the dentist and learning you need a root canal.  What do you do?  Head to the nearest donut shop and get a dozen.  Then perhaps on your way home, you swing by a taco joint because tacos are delicious so it makes sense right?

If you feel hungry immediately following a stressful situation, you may be guilty of stress eating.  The reason this is destructive behavior is that you won’t only see weight gain and higher risk for obesity-related diseases, but you’ll also find that you aren’t really dealing with your emotions.  Rather than dealing with your feelings and processing them, you are substituting the solution with a delicious bite of food.  Want to quit stress eating but aren’t sure how to get started?  Look no further than the following ways to get you going.

Know Your Triggers

Knowing what kind of situations drive you to start shoving whatever fried objects you can find down your throat is the best way to start avoiding starting down that path.  Try to start taking note of which moments start to make you feel the most stressed out.

When you start to identify these triggers you will know to avoid them.  If they aren’t avoidable then you should try to eliminate any access to food during these moments.  Make sure you’re not near vending machines, your favorite fast food restaurants, or any other of your favorite spots to indulge.

Remove Unhealthy Food From The House

Giving your cupboards at home a makeover is a good way to get started. Try to clear out all high-calorie perpetrators that are your favorite guilty pleasures.  Try to keep the bare minimum in the cupboards until you have been able to tackle your stress eating addiction.

Once you have a better handle on knowing your limits and making changes where necessary, then you can start to reintroduce treats to your kitchen,

Distract Yourself

As with any addiction sometimes the best way to get started on quitting is to distract yourself from your craving.  When you start to feel a wave of desire to start to eat but you aren’t hungry, try to immediately distract your mind onto something else.

Take a walk around the block, watch a funny video, or call a friend.

Join a Support Group Or Forum

If you can’t seem to find the strength alone then you may want to consider that you need a little more support.

This can come in the form of a group which you physically meet up with, or perhaps you would prefer to opt for an online group on a forum.

Kelly Tate