How to Boost Your Mood This Winter

As the cold weather draws in and the days get shorter, many people start to feel less enthusiastic as they might have done in the summer months, and the cold and grey can make them feel blue. This is why Christmas is such a wonderful winter celebration, as it allows you to enjoy some festive cheer – but this year is going to be different, with the current coronavirus pandemic stopping many people from seeing their loved ones and enjoying the usual festivities. If you’re feeling down this winter, here are a few tips to help you boost your mood while you wait for the sunny weather to return.

Eat Well

This is a great well-being tip no matter what the time of year. If you want to get into a better headspace, looking after your body and eating the right foods is essential. While you might not be in the mood for salads in the colder months, there are plenty of fantastic, healthy winter recipes that taste great, are comforting, and are good for you, too. From soups, roasts, casseroles, and stews, take the time to cook up some delicious winter warmers.


Another mood-boosting tip that should be used all year round is getting in some regular exercise. As the winter weather can be pretty miserable in some places, getting out for a run or walk isn’t always easy, and with a lot of people facing gym closures thanks to lockdown measures, this makes fitting in a workout much harder. If you can, try to get out for a walk at least once a day, even if it’s just for 20-30-minutes. If the weather is too bad, think about trying some gentle exercise at home like yoga or Pilates, or a more rigorous cardio workout if you want to get a sweat on.

Treat Yourself

If you want to try to feel better when you’re facing the winter blues, indulge a little bit by treating yourself to something you wouldn’t usually. Whether it’s a delicious treat like these chocolates from, a new pair of shoes, or a new phone or laptop, giving yourself an early Christmas present could help put a smile on your face.

Find Time for Yourself

You might find that you’ve found it hard adjusting to working from home or have been trying to keep yourself distracted with chores and other projects to pass the time. While it’s good to keep busy, don’t exhaust yourself. Make sure you’re making time for yourself, whether it’s soaking in a hot bath, or reading a book, or whatever it is that helps to calm your mind and help you relax.

Create a Cozy Environment

It might be cold and miserable outside, but don’t let the winter weather spill into your home! If you want to cheer yourself up, create a warm and cozy living environment to get comfortable in during the darker, colder time of year. Whether it’s putting up some seasonal decorations or investing in a new, fluffy dressing gown and slippers – feeling cozy will always help you feel better.

Don’t let the winter blues get the best of you this year; try some of these useful tips to boost your mood instead.

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