The New Faces of Papa John’s

Just like other industries, the food industry has trends. Papa John’s always aims to stay in tune with the trends and provide healthy, delicious options for those who want to eat cleanly. Vegan food is the latest culinary trend sweeping the country, and Papa John’s is proud to offer a range of vegan and vegetarian pizza options for customers.

Vegan Pizza Options

An increasing number of Americans are opting for vegan food when the choice is available. Others eat a vegan diet all the time. Our selection includes the same high-quality ingredients we use for all of our pizza, but is completely free of animal products. Just because you’ve given up meat, eggs and dairy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hot, fresh pizza, however. Our vegan pizza delivery means you can order in and get a pizza topped with veggies for any movie or video game night. Check out our cheapest pizza specials to save money on your order.

Selecting Vegan Ingredients

The hand-tossed pizza dough option is entirely vegan, with zero animal products. Make sure to choose the original dough to avoid milk and eggs. Get the rich flavor of our sauce on your pizza. Our original tomato sauce and sweet BBQ sauce are both vegan.

When it comes to toppings, you have a huge selection of vegetables to choose from. We offer three kinds of peppers. For a kick, choose jalapeno or banana peppers. If you want a milder flavor, add green peppers. Onions and Roma tomatoes add savory flavor and are great for a traditional pizza. Mushrooms and spinach are not only delicious, they’re also healthy. For the more daring, try adding pineapple for a sweet note on your savory pizza.

Vegan Pizza Extras

Don’t forget the dipping sauce! Spice up your pizza with several of our sauces and flavoring packets. Our signature garlic sauce, a customer favorite, is completely vegan. The buffalo dipping sauce, pizza sauce and barbecue dipping sauce are all also vegan. If you’re a spicy food lover, add a whole pepperoncini to your order for an extra kick of flavor. Try crushed red pepper or the special seasonings packet sprinkled over your order for even more flavor. Our original breadsticks are a vegan option that makes a great appetizer. Pair it with one of the several vegan dipping sauces for a winning combination.

All of these vegan ingredients make sure that you can create a delicious pizza suited to your own tastes at Papa John’s. If you’re looking for the best place to order a pizza that can cater to your dietary needs, Papa John’s is a great place to start.

Discount Pizza Options

Everyone wants to save money on pizza. Budget deals are great for hosting a party or other events. Papa John’s offers some of the cheapest pizza specials through its reward system. Make sure to enter your rewards information every time you order, whether it’s pizza delivery or an order you make in the store. With the Papa Rewards system, you can earn points for every dollar you spend. After you earn 75 points, you’ll get $10 of Papa Dough to spend.

Come try the excellent vegan pizza options at Papa Johns. Our vegan-friendly options pack a powerful flavor punch, so you don’t have to give up pizza when you stop eating animal products.

Kelly Tate