Interesting Fried Chicken Twists To Make It Even More Exciting

The fried chicken is awesome as it is, don’t you agree? Without making any changes, the good old fried chicken is a delicious delicacy enough to make anyone drool. Traditionalists and conservatives don’t even want to change anything about the fried chicken. They want it classically made – one that has no fuss and frills.

That is completely understandable. There are times when you just want nothing else but that crispy fried chicken soaked overnight in buttermilk. This classic take on fried chicken is perhaps what gave it its international claim to fame. The fried chicken is a classic staple. It’s a favorite to be enjoyed while in the living room or even in your office’s well-designed and impeccably fitted entertainment room.

However, sometimes it is good to be a little experimental. It’s interesting to explore the fried chicken’s adventurous demeanor. Why not, right? The fried chicken is versatile. It can be turned into anything you wish for it to be. The classic will remain eternally the favorite, but giving it a twist sometimes makes the fried chicken more fun.

Here are some interesting twists to the fried chicken to make it even more exceptional and delightful

Japanese Twist

Who doesn’t love the insanely delicious, savory, yet subtle Japanese flavor? It’s one that never fails to captivate anyone’s palette. Giving the fried chicken its Japanese twist guarantees pure satisfaction by achieving the umami taste. Some say it’s the fifth taste. Whatever it is regarded as it is sure to make the fried chicken lovelier than it already is. Learn its recipe here.

Bacon Infusion Twist

Fried chicken and bacon is like a match made in heaven. Who said two favorites can’t be infused to make one delectable dish? Try imagining the crispy fried chicken coating with a tinge of bacon flavor? Isn’t that enough to make your mouth water? Hey, strips of crispy bacon can also be served on the side. This twist is sure to be a big hit to kids and kids at heart alike. Simply put, this infusion will easily be loved by just about anyone. Learn its recipe here.

Cajun Inspired Twist

The lovely Southern twist. The Cajun flavor is famous and well-loved by people all over the world. One doesn’t have to be in Louisiana or Tennessee to enjoy its distinct Cajun touch. Even the fried chicken can have that Southern charm that people can’t get enough of. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It may be easy but the flavor is robust and exotic. Try it to see how big of a hit this fried chicken twist will be.

Fried Chicken Burger Twist

First were the bacon and fried chicken infusion. Then comes the fried chicken and burger concoction. This wonderful twist just makes everything better by the second, don’t you think? Everyone loves a burger (or at least 99.9 percent of the world’s population). It is easily one of the most consumed dishes all over the world- and for good reasons. Imagine having the fried chicken as the main component in a burger. Hard to imagine? Well, learn how to make one here. This is something that Big Mumma’s Fried Chicken in Hawthorn have perfected over the years.

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