How to Plan a Fun Family Reunion

We all live such busy lives that family reunions are extremely hard to plan. Work, travel, or childcare commitments result in family reunions becoming scarce – thereby becoming special events that must be treasured in your yearly calendar. Depending on the age or interests of your family, your reunion will take shape in different ways. We all love to share time with our family – and there are a multitude of ways that will make the day extra special. From picking the perfect location to printing out photos from the day, here are some tips to help you plan your perfect family reunion with ease.

Make Sure You Plan Ahead

The one fundamental element that characterizes a family reunion is that all family members will be able to attend. To achieve this, the family reunion must be planned as far in advance as possible. Of course, it is impossible to ensure that everyone will be able to make the date you picked or that another commitment won’t prevent them from attending closer to the time. If you are concerned about attendance, you should try to make the event sound as exciting and inclusive as possible: there are some activities that certain family members will find uncomfortable, so it is important that you consider others’ preferences.

If your family members are active on social media, you could always create a family reunion planning event page so that everyone can contribute ideas and suggestions – it is also an excellent space for discussion between family members.

Pick a Family-Friendly Location

The location that you choose is essential in regards to the success of the family reunion. It is important that you pick a location that will make family members of all ages feel comfortable. One of the most popular choices for a family reunion is at a lovely country pub, like those found online at – which take group bookings and cater for special occasions. When picking a location, it is unfair to select somewhere close to you but that requires other family members to drive a long distance. A such, it is advisable that the location is decided as a group to avoid any disagreements and to encourage participation.

Choose Your Decorations

The difference between a gathering and a fun family reunion is that a family reunion has been planned with attention to detail. Is there a reason for this reunion? Perhaps it is one family member’s birthday? Perhaps you’re going to give it an interesting dinner theme? Make sure you decorate the table with glitter and tasteful decorations that will make your family reunion extra-special. Here are a few decorating tips for your family reunion:

  • Make them yourself – buying decorations can be a long and fruitless task, try to make decorations at home for a more impressive result
  • Crowdsource – ask each family member to bring something different – food, drinks, or decorations
  • Make sure you add personal touches that show how fond you are of your family
  • Add family touches, like photographs or family film footage, to make it feel more unique

Beautiful decorations will bring your family reunion to life, make sure you are as creative as possible to achieve an impressive effect.

Planning a family reunion is exciting, fun, and nourishing – and the tips above will help you organize the perfect meet-up with your nearest and dearest. 

Kelly Tate