Homemade Christmas Gifts For Friends and Family

Don’t spend weeks wading through crowded shopping malls and stores to spend all of your money on gifts, especially when you can make the gifts instead. Homemade gifts are much more thoughtful than store-bought gifts, especially when you can perfectly customize them for your friends and family members. Here are some Christmas gifts that you can make with careful thought and attention, along with a handful of crafting tools.

Personalized Mugs 

You can brighten a friend or family member’s Christmas morning by giving them their own monogramed mug. For this craft, you will need a plain white mug and materials to make a monogram: paint, painters tape, a plastic bag, a box-cutter, and contact paper to make a stencil. When you have finished making the mug, you can add extra goodies inside: fill the mug with a small package of fresh coffee beans, a selection of loose teas, or tea infusers and strainers. If you’re giving the mug to someone with more of a sweet-tooth, fill the mug with homemade gourmet marshmallows, hot cocoa mix or melting chocolate. 

Winter Accessories 

You may be witnessing cold temperatures and heavy snowfall by the time Christmas day arrives, so homemade winter accessories will be greatly appreciated. Any adult will be thankful for a stylish cable-knit scarf made with soft yarn—especially if it came with a matching hat or pair of mittens. For infants and children, you can make adorable winter hats with decorations like pompoms, ruffles and ear flaps. Kids will also love hats with an animal faceon the front like an owl, kitten or bear. To prepare yourself with materials for winter accessories like scarves and hats, go to the website Yarnspirations for all the yarn and tools that you could possibly need—they will also have templates, instructions and tutorials to help guide you through your project. You can use the website’s handy yarn guide to find the brands, colours and fibers you want for your winter accessories—softer yarns are recommended for young children and infants, because they will have sensitive skin.

Christmas Candles 

A candle is a simple but sweet present that can brighten someone’s mood, as well as their living space. With simple materials and tools like Dixie Cups, wax, crayons, wicks, popsicle sticks and a microwave, you can create a colourful candle. You can also make scented candles by stirring essential oils into your wax mixture—relaxing scents like lavender, jasmine and chamomile are very popular with store-bought scented candles.

Your friends and family members will be absolutely touched by your gifts, along with the effort and thought that went behind creating them. They will be pleased when they drink their morning coffee, afternoon teaor evening cocoa in their monogramed mug. They will appreciate your kindness when they bundle up for the cold weather and put on their scarves and hats. They will be grateful when they take a moment to unwind and take in the aroma of a lovely scented candle. Any of these homemade gifts will bring thanks and happiness, especially in comparison to a present purchased at a mall.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

Kelly is a full-time supermum, caring for two kids and a hardworking husband. A cook, a cleaner, a carer and all round hard worker, striving for the perfect family life (with a few bumps along the way!) Eternally honest and sometimes brutally forward, no topics are off limits with Kelly.
Kelly Tate