Tips for Maintaining Oral Hygiene & Braces

Braces work effectively when the person wearing them helps to keep them properly maintained throughout their treatment time. They are used to correct uneven bites, straighten teeth or give individuals a more symmetrical look. If you properly maintain your braces for the duration of your treatment, you’ll have dazzling, straight white teeth on the day they are scheduled to come off.

Regular Brushing

Brushing your teeth daily is important, this process becomes even more important when you wear braces. Food can get lodged inside your braces, so it is vital that you clean your teeth using the right procedures to ensure they are well maintained. The best time to brush is after breakfast and just before you go to sleep, you should spend at least 2 minutes carefully cleaning each tooth.

Professional orthodontists in Melbourne will tell you that regular brushing when it comes to oral hygiene and maintenance. You should remember to replace your toothbrush more often than usual because your braces tend to wear down the bristles quicker.

Special Brushes

An interdental toothbrush is used for people who wear braces, it can reach places where a regular toothbrush cannot. A normal toothbrush cleans about 60% of your teeth, so if you want a proper clean, you need to use specially designed equipment.

It is important to remove debris from your braces, apart from being unsightly, it can cause many diseases if you allow food to build up.


Many people who have braces fitted to their teeth, don’t floss regularly. This should be one of your daily routines, it helps to dislodge and remove debris from your braces. A floss thread is perfect for cleaning under brace wires where a normal toothbrush will never reach. If you fail to eliminate plaque it can cause your gums to swell and bleed, when wearing braces, you must give your teeth more attention than normal.

If you don’t remove plaque and allow it to build up over time, you’ll need a professional dentist to help with the situation, sometimes its left for too long and some people lose certain teeth because of negligence.


If you don’t use mouthwash to rinse your teeth, now is a good time to start. An antiseptic or antibacterial mouthwash helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums, allowing your braces to work effectively. Furthermore, mouthwash stops plaque forming and helps to eliminate pain when wearing braces.

Follow Instructions

When you’ve had your braces fitted, your orthodontist may give you important instructions to follow to help maintain your new braces. You should pay close attention to this information to guarantee your teeth come out looking amazing when its time to have your braces removed.

Monitor Your Diet

If you enjoy eating foods which are high in sugar, you want to consider assessing your diet. High sugar foods are converted into acids which can do a lot to damage the condition of your teeth. It is also important to reduce your intake of high sugar fruits if they’ve a high acidic content they’ll breakdown the surface of your teeth causing tooth decay.

When you have braces fitted, it is imperative that you stick to strict cleaning and maintenance procedures. You should never miss an appointment with your orthodontist, having your braces regularly checked will ensure they are still in the correct position to achieve your goal. You should also invest in oral hygiene tools like mouthwash, interdental brushes and floss, they will help to keep your teeth clean, remove plaque and eliminate the build-up of food substances on your braces.

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