4 Reasons Your Takeaway Business Needs Custom Paper Bags

Most takeaway businesses use unbranded paper bags for delivering their food. That might work okay, but following their lead means you’re missing out on the benefits of custom bags. Here are just four.

1. Keep Your Customers Informed 

Most people think custom printed bags should only be used for a logo and your business name, but that’s not the case at all. You can print them with anything, and takeaways can take full advantage by adding current promotions or news of upcoming menu additions to keep customers in the loop and encourage them to come back for more when they next feel their bellies start to rumble. 

2. Spreads the Word 

Of course, branding is a great reason to go for custom printed bags instead of generic blank ones – whenever someone sees the bag, they’ll be reminded of your business. That can be particularly advantageous for takeaway businesses since people will often buy them as groups. If one customer brings in your bags, everyone they’re dining with will be informed of your business. 

3. Establish Your Identity 

One of the best things about any kind of custom printing job is the opportunity to establish your brand identity. This is what helps set you apart from similar takeaway options, and a set brand identity helps show customers that you’re a cut above. Think about what makes your business unique, then transfer that to the packaging you use. 

4. Get the Ideal Bag 

Not every takeaway has the same needs when it comes to bagging – you might currently be jamming things into bags that are too small or hearing customers complain that the handles come apart. With custom printed bags, you also get to customize everything from the type of paper to the size and type of handle, so you can get exactly what best suits your needs.

Kelly Tate